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    Spar Milk

    Doesn't pasteurisation kill the bugs?
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    £194 milling wheat yesterday, full spec
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    End of season combine blow down time?

    A day to blow it down, strip out sieves, prep floor, undo guards, clean stone trap/conclave, hoover grain tank
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    Calf Prices

    Was offered £200 for AAX steers and £120 for heifers this morning at 2 weeks old, £60 for HF steers
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    Mulika milling problems??

    Anyone else having problems moving to mills? Was told this morning mills have stopped taking it due to low sulphur levels causing baking problems. Fine on all the other tests 350 hag, 15 protein, no ergot, DON/ZON all fine etc etc
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    Whats the best round baler out there for straw? Belts, rollers etc

    Budget?? Definitely NOT a JD 550
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    Changing business electricity suppliers,

    Eon today for 12 month contract 9.67 night 14.24 day, slightly less than last year. Eon marketing dept obviously don’t talk to the sales dept because the monthly updates from them have been saying how the wholesale price of energy has halved in the last 12 months
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Spring wheat 1.92t/ac, spring barley 1.78t/ac. Just as well it was cheap to grow and just about got enough straw of all of it
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    NOCO GB150 - Amazon deal of the day

    Bought one, hope it's good!!
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Spring wheat averaging under 2t/ac with me, just as well it was cheap to grow
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    £204 for 33.5% Lithan, big AN price rises yesterday +£6/t from last week
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    To replace or repair - costings

    An excellent question. Selling it and spending 10k buying a replacement didn’t seem sensible, you can’t seem to get much for that budget. Spending more (20-30k) is not really an option at the moment. Hubs/brakes and kingpins overhauled a couple of years ago, gearbox being completely repaired...
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    To replace or repair - costings

    Just spent about 5K on refurbing an old Manitou 626 that has been here for 25 years. Engine rebuild, injectors, injector pump, rad repair, new crowd ram, a few ram seals/pipes, complete transmission overall. Should be good for another 25 years!!!
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    First baler on a serious budget. Whats good whats not?

    NH 658 available here, good condition overall. 50k bales, new belts 18 months ago. Goes well, advertised in the classifieds, looking for £3500 @Cowabunga has given a very fair appraisal of the baler. It's simple and can be repaired by a farmer. I bought a Claas Variant 360 as a replacement...

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