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    Wheat in barley. advise

    Got same with spring wheat in it thinking spray off this week, wheat straw will be that green it will hold up baling forever otherwise
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    Australian cattle dog STUD

    Interested too
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    OSR Conventional Variety

    Another for campus , looking better than hybrid now
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    Water usage

    £1.85\m2 here from landlord on rented buildings??
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    Hot presure washer/steam cleaner

    Gone from karcher to Mac Avant , different world!!!!(y)
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    My Amazone App

    Has anyone rang the their fert advisory number and got through?
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    Growing cattle on forage rape

    Was thinking about this where we need to break the permanent pasture cycle which needs to be done by 15th may , if you took an early silage cut could you dd the crop ? When would it be ready to graze?? In a normal year!!!!🙈
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    How late glyphosate before crop emergence?

    Both for the bits they look after , ive not seen any detriment to crop from using it but one of them is adamant not to so thats what we do. Some people spray blackgrass out of beans now relying on tbe waxy leaf to save the the bean , i wouldnt be brave enough for that but I have seen it work.
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    How late glyphosate before crop emergence?

    We have one agronomist that likes roundup in with pre ems and another that wont entertain it.
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    Paint for livestock trailer floor

    Priced up a length of this , thinking secure at front and roll up to wash out ?
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    Paint for livestock trailer floor

    What did you end up doing with the floor??? will be time to get ours out soon and its still a skating rink!!
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    Spring wheat nitrogen

    Half after drilling rest when its happy , motoring at the moment
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    Mixing calf milk easier, quicker, better

    Plastering bucket and wisk in cheap cordless , cheap and cheerful
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    Wholecrop mix into grass

    Could you strip till maize with strip grass in between, seems popular at moment
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    Fuel price tracker

    Just have a feeling that oil companies will want to make up for lost revenue so price likely to keep creeping up and after lockdown everyone will be on the road and create a rise anyway, harvest lock in looks sensible.