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    One animational video that will blow your mind!

    I'm sorry, but I though we could talk about anything in off topic section of the forum. Let me know if everybody wants to talk only about farming here. :sick: Don't take me being offended. Peace! ;)
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    One animational video that will blow your mind!

    Hello everyone, I have watched an animation video which I loved it. So I thought it'd better if I share it with you people also. :) Let me know if you liked it. It is a small tribute to our fighter - Bruce WorldQuip LLC - Hammer Bits Keep sharing videos and images. Thanks!
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    Claydon drills

    These type of drills are the most renowned direct strip till seeding system in Europe, giving sustainable high yield results year on year with huge environmental benefits. Our seed drills can be used direct into stubble or cultivated soils giving huge time and cost savings when used as a direct...

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