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    Trailed Potato Harvesters, which is best for wet?

    Currently have a Pearson enterprise sat for sale after we stopped growing spuds. Not quite as heavy as the gz’s we thought when we bought it. It has stars before the dahlmans which always worked a dream and wheel drive meant it was the trailers that were our problem in the field never the...
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    That looks very similar to what I need to fit into a valtra smart touch screen. Does anybody know if it’s the same? I was once told they were the same as a vario terminal but have tried a lead for that and it is completely different
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    Cundalls Farm Sale MF7720

    Around £60k I believe
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    Kuhn 121 plough tyres

    Have run a 6f 122 and still use a 5f 121 and have never really had a complaint about the job it makes with 650s on h4 bodies. We always comment how nice a job it makes. Would not let it put you off definitely.
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    Why don’t machinery manufacturers put the spare parts books on line with PRICE OF PARTS for the products they make?

    Kuhn have the mykuhn portal where anyone can use the serial number for the machine and have full access to parts and ops manuals with full prices next to the part numbers. Amazingly they are exactly the same as charged by local dealer too! Extremely useful and all other manufacturers should take...
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    Kuhn Aero calibration.

    If you go in the Kuhn website there is an online portal with full details of parts/opps manuals available once registered with serial number. Very useful
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    Expensive mistakes?

    Has anybody seriously regretted any choice of drill/coulter selection after investing a lot of time, money and energy into it? Currently in the process of choosing a set of ld coulters for a 6m Horsch Sprinter we have bought specifically for this job to establish cereals and beans. Everybody I...
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    Ballasting a tractor

    I have a set of rear wheel weights that I used to run on our puma 230 for just this job. Had 1250kg on the front and then used to put the big wheel weights on just for pulling the trio. They are in 2 parts with a 90kg carrier that would just stay on all year and then the bigger 300kg ones just...
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    Which Seeder Unit??

    What do you mean by old type Sumo and new type? Metal hopper or plastic hopper? I liked the look of those with RDS box and quite local to us for backup etc..
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    Which Seeder Unit??

    Currently in the process of updating our OSR drilling setup and looking at changing seeder units. Have used a Techneat v2 on and off for the last 8 years with varying amounts of success and wanted others opinions of the good/bad out there.. Specific things like ease of calibration/ accuracy/...
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    Case Dull Paintwork

    Tractor bonnet, mudguards and cab roof isn’t a huge surface area to do so it is possible with the right applicators and products. Spend a couple of hours with a good 2 stage cutting compound then polish or even an all in one like autofinesse tripple if it’s not too bad and buy some good hand...
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    Rack bench

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but been researching these today and not found much info at all! Our neighbouring wood man is retiring and is looking to sell his bench. I’ve been given the task of finding it a new home and wondered where to advertise?? Especially as I don’t know too much about...
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    Case puma cvx

    Try them all and get a price then go from there... We have had 4 pumas over the last few years both cvx and powershift and when looking to swap this spring just happened to price a blue equivalent to the 165cvx we were looking as. Price difference was staggering somehow. Very high spec with...
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    6m combination drill power requirement

    Think the biggest issue is finding something to handle the weight on the back end when front hopper is empty. Have just started using a 6m Kuhn combination in the last couple of weeks on a magnum 340. 250-300hp would have been ample for the majority of fields but on the road with only a few bags...
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    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio 3 c/w Techneat seeder

    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio 3 c/w Techneat seeder Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Sumo Price: £10950 Condition: Used Description: 2011 3m Sumo Trio Very tidy condition Shearpin model 800mm sumo multipacker Removable disc unit 6 legs Ferobide tiles on scrapers C/w 2011 Techneat...