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    We have a tx66 1996 4x4 with a 20 foot header and the tx68 grain tank extension. But has nearly 5000 engine hours in very good condition.
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    Spreading FYM on growing crops

    We spread cattle fym half rate and cambridge roll on freshly sown spring barley. To try to stop sand blowing.
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    Mdl power quad topper

    Parts came for verge mower to day thanks Robert
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    Pressure washing combines ...

    We wash it before cutting the beans. Then blow it down after we are finished. Feel washing it gets rid off all the grain that the mice like
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    Mdl power quad topper

    We bought a verge mower all was good till we required spares. After 6 months of phoning and getting fobbed off have up.
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    We still have a grays tube linner great machine. It will have wrapped thousands of bales and still going strong.
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    New wheel rims

    Ross agri in St Cyrus