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    As I understand it, broadcasting the seed and then using pre-em sprays risks killing some seed because it is exposed. Is it economically viable to just put more seed on to counter that effect? Especially as you’re not supposed to broadcast treated seed so are likely to be fetching it off the...
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    A Little Bit O’ Charity Plooin’

    Aye-up, It seems as though quite a few of you have been on the just giving page and made donations. Some anonymously and some names I recognise. Thank you all for doing so, It is very much appreciated. Looks on course to raise well over £5000. Fantastic. Cheers, Pete.
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    Agricultural services

    I was thinking anything electronic or electrical to offer as a general service. Even classic era tractors have systems beyond many owners capabilities let alone more modern kit. I’ve had auto electrical folks here but you can tell they don’t really like working on farm kit. After conversations...
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    Agricultural services

    Anything electrical or electronic. On the remap thing, I have a Claas Xerion 3800 with a Caterpillar C9 engine. It’s shocking on fuel and way overpowered for my job. Anything that could be done to improve economy? Don’t get too technical with me, it’s all a bit over my head!!
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    Kevs diary

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    Kevs diary

    Is that Gok Wan?
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    Kevs diary

    They’ve both got holes in them...otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get my feet in.
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    Kevs diary

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    Why mummy drinks

    Was the tape measure long enough? :giggle:;)
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    The meme thread

    No bother
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    Kevs diary

    You are so thoughtful, but thinking about it, most of the time I don’t know my left from my right or my arse from my elbow. Let’s call them Lenny Left Welly and Ricky Right Welly.
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    Kevs diary

    But you look bloody super in these darling....
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    Kevs diary

    They’re no use.... They don’t have the little handles on the tops or letters on the toes, L and R
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    Who is ploughing with Donkeys this year?

    I hope they didn’t actually plough those tight curves with that plough.

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