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    Blenky resigns?

    I would like to think he has seen the light but I doubt it. How soon will he pop up as a board member elsewhere telling us what to do such as AIC / AHDB?
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    Clarkson's Cows.

    Daylesford customers have a lot more money than sense. Very safe to say they won’t lose many customers to JC. It’s a big setup now. Half of it seems to be a spa / wellness place for ironing out the wrinkles from millionaires wives who look like prunes from their excessive time in the sun. The...
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    British Farming Awards tonight

    Could we have a wooden spoon section next year. For the worst contribution to UK AG by someone / organisation paid lots of (farmers) money to support it?
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    things that make you smile

    Great Birthday prezzies
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    Water pipe under road

    When they put fibre in round here all the road crossings were in 4” ducts. water pipe fitted in there just nicely
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Yes. Same products and delivery date ordered through Frontier. I’m told they ‘should’ honour it but will believe it when it’s delivered
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    Can increasing soil carbon also increase soil CO2 back into atmosphere?

    In my simplistic view (which is probably wrong) the carbon gets captured as a crop grows and then released as it breaks down /used. It’s a cyclical thing? The carbon that was once locked in soil / plants pre agriculture days is already in the atmosphere or plant depending on the time of year. We...
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    I’m sure there are noticeably less insects about now. 30 years ago if you opened the cab door at night with the lights on for too long you soon had what seemed like hundreds of the buggers whizzing round in the cab with you. Not the case these days
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    Does DD have to be low disturbance?

    Probably depends on soil type and condition but I wouldn’t have thought it would be very successful with duett coulters unless the soil is loosened first. CO springs aren’t as good as the stronger ones on sprinters. Would need serious hp on the front too. Put some narrow points on it such as...
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    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Beans going in today
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    BBC programmes reducing a family's carbon footprint

    There was a thing on channnel 4 news last night about why new houses are so expensive (And crap quality) The problem? Those nasty farmers who charge the housing companies so much for the land
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    George Eustice looses his mind at NFU fringe meeting!

    All the NFU hierarchy were there listening to it. Did any of them take him to task on it or just passively listen and wait for the farming industry to get shafted yet again?
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    Why have AHDB commissioned NFU to chair the investigation into imported grain assurance standards and costs?

    When Putin rigged the recent election the west said oh how terrible. This won’t be much different but that’s fine
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    Eastern Europeans are going to come back as Brits can't cope

    I bet supply of loads of things are finely balanced due to the whole just in time thing. One word in the press sends the public into an unnecessary buying frenzy. Maybe we should try it with milk or bread
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    Chopped straw 👎

    We had the A shares on a Horsch co4 very similar to the claydon. Very easy to block up in chopped straw. Changed them to Metcalfe 12mm points and will go through any virtually any amount of chopped straw without blocking. Our combine is an old dominator 108 and the chop isn’t brilliant