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    Nice entrance gate on gradient

    I think without checking on the lazer level there will be a rise of 30 - 40cm. Putting the hinges on rear of stone pillars
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    Nice entrance gate on gradient

    RISING HINGE & ROCKER PLATE need to find out weights & spec for this though
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    Nice entrance gate on gradient

    Agree and we do have some big lorries so I dont want any damage.
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    Nice entrance gate on gradient

    Our main 22ft entrance between two pillars is on a rise (say 15 deg). My initial thought was a mechanical cantiliver but the quotes we had two years ago were around £14k and now will prices soaring it would make it unaffordable. I was thinking about a steel clad gate but think I need to lower...
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    Tinnitus and throat problem.

    Have a look on youtube on neck stretches and improving posture its worth a go. A lot of ear issues are due to muscles, nerves, neck issue etc. America seems to be much more advanced so look at anything you can do with stretching. I agree forget the wonderful NHS and pay for a private consult...
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    Duloxetine has helped me it stops all crashes and wild anxiety. I have to face facts that its my weakness there is no other option. Wish I had been taken it years ago.
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    There's no farmland birds anymore

    First Redstart Ive seen hangs out in the garden. We have planted a lot of native hedging and 3 large ponds. Got loads Swallows but nothing like it used to be when lined up in the barn. Cuckoos. Seem to have every sparrow landing here. Quite a few thrushes and finches. Id say more birds...
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    Herbal ley seed

    we buy off Cotswolds and Western Seeds. Im happy with our herbal it really withstands our drought and even though in South Wales we are close to West Country and we can be dry here. While the other grass fields look sad the depth of root with the herbal glows. When I had my house cow on...
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    Had issue from open abscess in mouths eating through x3 lambs last year - had to put them down as they were in pain no way could these holes mend. Vet put it down to secondary as we had border disease in flock.
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    Daily weight gain per day on Easycare

    Crikey I am embarrassed to say my weight gain isnt anywhere near that. So far weights are 10 - 16kg. Didnt realise you could get such good growth on grass in such a short time. I really dont think our grass is doing anything any good. Even though we are understocked and have grass there...
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    Daily weight gain per day on Easycare

    Hello What you you expect to gain on tradition welsh x wilt lambs. Birth weight 4 - 6kg Flock of 80 ewes. Say half of them produced twins. Average birth date say mid March. Under stocked but average grass not great but regularly moved. Ewes were bolused mid Feb and the lambs vit drench 2...
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    Number of calves born with front legs tendon issues

    Rather strange this is the 3rd calf with leg issues. Nothing different, same bull, same management, same feed etc. Had to bring in cow and calf last night as a good sized AA calf (extremely heavy) but not big. This one is so keen to suck but its legs are buckled over and knuckles turned...
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    CTS - register twins?

    I assume you cant enter twins on CTS ? Dont want to enter one calf to find I cant enter another to same dam. Or do I have the joy of phoning?
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    Lambs found dead looked spot on day before?

    I think our issues here are more birds and seem to have plenty of hawks. Im sure they sweep down in the early morning.