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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    We kind of do in a round about way, but like anything, there are ways to get round it. The tighter the rules become, the more real farmers we catch in the process. Its a tough balance that we are always tweaking to try and keep up with their onslaught. For instance we have caught and rejected...
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    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    £50k reward iirc. Customer allocation is included in this behavior as well from memory.
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    The bigger a site gets the more of a problem this becomes. Of course there is some irony that all these spammers are desperate for an external link from our site as we rank well in Google, yet I can't get AHDB to put information and links on here. We have completely banned two countries to...
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    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    NFU have said they are "looking into it" - which is the political response used to delay and forget. Surely they can just ask and get the answers if they don't know. And they should know if supporting british ag is so big on their agenda and given the sponsored advertising all over Facebook...
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    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    Agreed - I can't see the point of lying unless as you say, the answer is very little or none. As @JP1 this needs to be picked up in mainstream media or Panorama if the above it true. Unfortunately we seem to have lost journalism in our own industry and FW and FG just won't investigate and...
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    We stop circa 98% of this stuff getting through, but some will always slip through the net.
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    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    This is the most ridiculous situation I see currently in farming. Red Tractor and Jim Moseley tell us that the mills prefer imported grain because of the "extensive testing", but no one will say what these tests are. If jim doesn't know then what he said will go down as one of the most idiotic...
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    LIVE - DEFRA SFI Janet Hughes “ask me anything” 19:00-20:00 20th September (Today)

    Yes - to echo others - thanks @JanetHughesDefra and team for your time tonight, although we had limited time, the openness is very much appreciated.
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    Et tu Brute?

    The article was proof read and edited by Jim Mosely prior to printing - I have been told. So it was a message from Red Tractor as a whole, not a personal opinion. That's why it should sit as an inflection point in the life of Red Tractor and should continue to be reported. Until that is, he...
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    Price tracker threads.

    From the experience of developing Farm Compare, it's not as easy as it sounds to do well. But I like the idea specific to each thread.
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    Oils and Lubricants Deals

    We have added a number of Oils and lubricant deals on the TFF buying group - Farmdeals. We would love some feedback and prices and product range? What else do we need or what do you want? You can read about them here...
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    New version of the mobile app is now available.

    We have just launched a further update to the APP, so please download the latest version.
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    CF Fertilisers

    No Energy prices are going mad. The fire in Kent will not have helped. Is there even enough energy to go round now? Had a friend who is an energy trader the other day actually ask me about the fert market. That was a first.
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    Tillage live today

    Sorry should have said aren't promoting "with us". They all tend to have an official media partner who will promote for them on a contra basis. That said they are all still welcome to use the events calendar on here to promote and they don't do that either. Had the same discussion with the...
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    Tillage live today

    Shows aren't promoting this year. They all think they may not happen. So just doing their own marketing. A lot got burned last year.