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    Dowdeswell DD and DDS boards

    They both have exactly the same shape, the dd has a few inches extra depth. Sometimes the dd bodies are cheaper even though they have more metal?
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    Vaderstad drill problem

    Maybe blank off both pipes of each ram one at a time?
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    Vaderstad drill problem

    It can be caused by any of the marker/pre-em ram seals leaking from high pressure side to low pressure side of valve block. A crack inside the block or faulty solenoid?
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    Fruit Picking Software

    Where are they based?
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    Fruit Picking Software

    It looks good but like the others doesn't seem to integrate with a clocking in machine?
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    Fruit Picking Software

    Does anyone know of or use a barcode scanning system for recording labour productivity and production recording of mushrooms? The fruit based systems are very good in that each picker has a barcode he/she sticks on each unit they pick which is scanned on the full pallet etc. I'm looking for...
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    Flail Topper Recommendations

    I have just taken delivery of a 2.8m Tehnos flail mower imported by @Guy Seems really well built and does a great job at sensible money.
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    Today at work

    Little and large
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    Flail Mower: Other - other

    Do you still sell these flail mowers Guy? Have they gone up in price much?
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    Lely centreliner

    12 and 23 teeth for 24m 14 and 21 teeth for 12m
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    Also fodder beet available in Norfolk
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    Vegans the cause of loss of UK's lovely meadows !!!

    A friend of mine posted a picture of triplet calves on facebook and ended up having to get the police involved after spending a week blocking abusive threatening comments towards his family and customers. He was in the local paper...
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    Field names

    We've got one called the 9 acres on the 14 acres. The other 5 are in the next field, Willowdale.
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    6m 750a changing offset

    Put a receiver on the drill?
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    EFA 2018 simple question

    Yes post harvest but be aware the dates have changed. Catch crops must stay in until mid October now I think.

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