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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Wishful thinking !
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    Magnesium locking up potash?

    if you want to apply 60kg/ha of K that will be 100kg/ha of MOP ( 40kg /acre)
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    Earliest date to spread FYM for S. Barley

    Technically 28th feb is a winter crop so 1st March would be classed as a spring crop, that’s how I would read into anyway ! About as clear as mud
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    Extase potential problems

    wasn’t overly impressed with it in trial plots
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    Extase potential problems

    Not many crops without bydv around here to some extent, some worse then others
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    Autumn manure banned

    If there’s a crop need you can apply
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    Charlock in OSR

    What does your agronomist say ?
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    Autumn manure banned

    I doubt that would wash with Farmimg rules for water
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    Maize 2021

    not strictly true, many fields still ploughing up ‘plastic’ from over 10 years ago
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    Maize 2021

    believe Ireland has edit ..
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    State of your crops?

    yes mayweed control has been poor
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    Fibrophos v Sewage sludge

    Depends on test and lab, Most standard soil samples will be testing for available nutrients
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    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    Squire ultra your only option left for clover safe options unless you have some 24db hidden somewhere!
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    What are people using to test soil Ph

    depends where your starting from!
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    Planet Spring barley fungicide

    Nothing in fungicide performance trials