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    Good power washer, other than karcher

    We have a 3 phase mistral steam washer. Had it 5/6yrs now and its been very reliable. it needed a new contacttor which was available of the shelf. Its on its 3rd hose but apart from that its been great. It was much cheaper than a kew and much more reliable than the kew it replaced.
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    New toy day

    Might be worth trying gardiner trailers to refurb. Bought a refurbished Stewart from them. They made a super job of it.
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    Newholland HD

    We ended up with another marmite tractor. An 828 and absolutely love it. Have a T7.220 due for change but the hd might be a little big as a replacement. Interesting you mentioned cross shaft seals GlennW. Our 220 runs a triple bed tiller occasionally and i noticed the cross shaft seals had gone...
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    17ft Powerflow Header

    As per title, looking for a 17ft 5.2m power flow header.
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    Potato Prices.

    I have a couple for sale after upgrading to a 4 leg.
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    8*3*3 baler

    Preferably a mf, new holland or similar as we already run a 1010. Condition is more important than age.
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    Is a Fendt 720 the same as a 724?

    When I asked our local mechanic about the difference a while back. He said they were the same apart from the from axle and the gearbox which has hd bearings to cope with the extra torque.
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    Lechler IDTA

    I put a couple of sets of idkt’s on our sprayer. Spoke to lechler and they were very helpful. General consensus was the idka were to course.
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    Fendt 718 wheels

    Yes they are both 10 stud rear axles and fronts should also match.
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    Wilfred Scruton Ltd - Yorkshire

    Could speak highly enough of them. Bought a combine and tractor from Ian. Very straight folk. I agree with Phil the farmer, they couldn’t have been more helpful.
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    Ceramic Coatings hopefully this is the link
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    Ceramic Coatings

    I will try and put a link up to the American sprayer. It is becoming more popular with new machinery, but I am a little skeptic about it. It could be the “emperor’s new clothes”
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    Ceramic Coatings

    The ceramic coating is applied by hand. He is allowing 2 days to do the sprayer. The top up is applied by foam gun I’d imagine a bit like some of the waxes. From what I understand it’s a bit like applying a very fine coating of glass on a machine. It’s the chemical and water repellent properties...
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    Ceramic Coatings

    After seeing an American sprayer on fb I am considering getting our sprayer coated. Auto smart matrix claims to give 8 yr protection although you need to be careful with tfr and preferably give it a top up once a month. The top up is applied like snow foam apparently. Has anyone any experience...
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    Lemken kompactor

    No price on the website which generally means one thing [emoji849]