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    Cmoran replied to the thread Rearing calves outside.
    I bought Calfs of a guy feed weeks ago he had a very simple outdoor system I’m considering doing the same. It consists of about 50m by...
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    better go easy on you lot for a little while :ROFLMAO: bitta slack day.....11pm last night we had 3 sets a twins all beltex/texel...
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    Galway would be too far for me, but thanks anyway.
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    Just get onto the finance company they own the tractor until your very last payment if you stop the Payments there soon be there to...
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    I think it’s 4000 hours but may be wrong.
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    It looked extremely clean I’m sure some poor fool thought they got a good deal!! I think there approximately 4000 hours on mine I’ll...
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    This was our troublesome tractor...
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    Cmoran replied to the thread My First Tractor.
    I’ve a 2140 John Deere square cab here that’s within your budget Bullett proof tractor and loads of power we only do 50 hours a year...
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    Hi thanks everyone for your reply’s was in contact with a solicitor earlier in putting together a log of all problems and will be...
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    Definitely not quality engineering!! I reckon they should have used the steel to make sheep hurdles they would be more use!! The older...
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    The dealer has the tractor stripped they are having issues all the time trying to get deutz to sort warranty it’s a nightmare
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    Cmoran reacted to Robt's post in the thread Advice needed on troublesome tractor with Like Like.
    Sorry but that phrase means nothing. It gets used far too often. In a court it wouldn’t stand up! send a recorded delivery letter to...
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    Cmoran replied to the thread HiSpec.
    I spent 2 years buying a rear discharge spreader was trying to figure which was best there was none at all within 50 miles of here went...
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    I’m in Ireland finance is with Bnp paribas which is Uk based. I’ve used the not fit for purpose phrase but no good. I suppose it’s no...
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    Cmoran replied to the thread John Deere 6r turbo actuator.
    Hi does anyone repair the actuators?? Or is there a cost effective replacement I hear they are very expensive from jd. It’s starting to...

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