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    Rearing calves outside

    I bought Calfs of a guy feed weeks ago he had a very simple outdoor system I’m considering doing the same. It consists of about 50m by 40 m outside pad at back of calving shed divided into four pens and a central pen for the milk bar about a third of each pen has a simple shelter made from heavy...
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    I think it’s 4000 hours but may be wrong.
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    It looked extremely clean I’m sure some poor fool thought they got a good deal!! I think there approximately 4000 hours on mine I’ll have to check I’m sure that will go against me when dealing with SDF
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    My First Tractor

    I’ve a 2140 John Deere square cab here that’s within your budget Bullett proof tractor and loads of power we only do 50 hours a year with it if interested your welcome to come and view it. I’m based in Galway
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    Hi thanks everyone for your reply’s was in contact with a solicitor earlier in putting together a log of all problems and will be sending a letter to dealer and finance to get ball rolling
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    Definitely not quality engineering!! I reckon they should have used the steel to make sheep hurdles they would be more use!! The older deutz were bullet proof I trade in a 165.7 for it I’m sorry ever since!!
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    The dealer has the tractor stripped they are having issues all the time trying to get deutz to sort warranty it’s a nightmare
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    I spent 2 years buying a rear discharge spreader was trying to figure which was best there was none at all within 50 miles of here went to look at them all at grass and muck in Uk. ended up buying a Conor as I thought it was well built have it nearly 3 years and it never missed a beat would...
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    I’m in Ireland finance is with Bnp paribas which is Uk based. I’ve used the not fit for purpose phrase but no good. I suppose it’s no harm to say what make it is it’s a deutz 6150.4
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    John Deere 6r turbo actuator

    Hi does anyone repair the actuators?? Or is there a cost effective replacement I hear they are very expensive from jd. It’s starting to stick an odd time on my 6150r 8000hrs it’s an intermittent fault with last two weeks. Tia
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    Yes main brand but in the etc section
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    As title suggests I’m looking for advice I bought an ex demo tractor in April 2017 with 300 hrs on it. By 2018 it had 3 radiators as they kept getting pinholes before they figured there was a hairline crack in injector liner which took 2 months for the tool to remove the liners to come from...
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    iPhone lightning cable

    I’ve tryed loads of them and the only one that lasts for me is Halfords own brand have one in Jeep for 3 years and still working perfect
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    Mf 135 wiring harness

    Friend of mine is changing his Massey 135 back to dynamo and is looking for a wiring loom to buy what is best option? TIA
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    Applying Chicken Litter and Bagged Fertiliser

    I’m thinking with that amount of litter you won’t need much bag stuff. I use litter from a laying house and grow great quality silage with 1ton to the acre

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