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    NMR IT issues

    We had a quarterly milk test for usual cell count bacto and johnes, only recieved the johnes results back so far after 3 weeks waiting, and they don't have any cow numbers just the pot number which is absolutely useful.
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    IBC's value ?

    I've converted a couple into water tanks for cows,
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    Molasses tanks

    Hi thanks, that's good to know.
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    Molasses tanks

    Anyone know what size pipe is used on a liquid feeds wagon for filling molasses tanks 3/4/5 inch? Thanks
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    Big local hire company in trouble

    Balls where am I suppose to hire a bigger telehandler from now.... Only 6 miles from me.
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    Some help please

    Just a thought. As its taken 10 years would it not be the case that it falls under the Limitation Act 1980?
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    Is a ‘stop-start’ fuel saver needed on a telehandler?

    Just another thing to break and cost thousands to repair.
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    For sale: AI flask

    All now sold.
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    For sale: AI flask

    Update on what's in the flask: 13 x lorabar mighty prince (Angus) 6 x morningview aftershock (hol) 11 x greystone turbo (bb) 8 x etazon mighty Prince (sexed hol) 4 x comstar lavanguard (2 sexed, 2 conventional hol)
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    For sale: AI flask

    Shouldn't see why not, probably would have to ask the company though. The jfc container makes the flask pretty stable.
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    For sale: AI flask

    Selling ai flask, I have dip records for the last 4 years of use from cogent under a liquid nitrogen contract, last dip Nov 2018. Comes with jfc container and some bits and bobs. Also a quantity of beef (possibly Hereford, Angus and Belgium blue) and holstein semen, including cogent twist...
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    All things Dairy

    Ive had the same, do you think we should all invoice the sender for the £1.50.

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