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    Livestock pictures

    Cows with late calves still out grazing
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    Are Yorkies becoming the new Bitcoin?

    I had a big delivery of wormer from act and no yorkie ,the rep will get strong text in the morning!
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    We have one creep feeder up on the moors not far from some scrubby trees,and it's not rare to open the hopper lid and get a squirrel jump out at you .it was quite a shock for the first time or two but this has now been going on for 3years , and we still don't know how it's getting in !
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    Livestock pictures

    In calf heifers pd 38 out of 40 in calf better than last year only 32!
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    Livestock pictures

    I like to keep a bull for the heifers that I know was born small, this one seems to throw muscly heifer calves and average bulls. The only problem is we wanted replacement heifers from him, but he is easy calving!
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    Livestock pictures

    Our 2 year old first calvers and calves from a home bred bull
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    New Holland 650

    Run direct from the battery because any voltage drop will mess up the auto net wrap and it won’t turn off the nett
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Does anyone know what the current oats price is ex farm?
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    Conor side spreader muck spreader

    We bought a 10 yard connor for the sloppy stuff and for under the ramps to help out the rear discharge. When we compared the weights it was the heaviest by far the heaviest so I bought it, in 5 years a set of wheel bearings and front bearing thats it, and the paint is still on it that's an...
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    Wrapping the curved surface of round bales

    Years ago we had a newholland 548 baler that would put on plastic about 60 bales per roll. You had to put the roll in to unroll the sticky side against the bale so it didn't wrap up on the Baler in dusty conditions it didn't stick so well, we only did it for a couple of seasons we found the Hay...
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    Pick up mpg

    My navarra will do mid 30s empty, pulling a full load of cattle about 25 and about the same on the way back empty
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    Case 410 skid steer

    We have had one since new changed 4 wheel bearings and a water pump and an alternator in 4500 hours so not to bad. It is constantly carrying around a 600 kg feed bucket
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    Hay Making 2021

    Have to roll all the bales in to the ditch to stop the kids from putting them down the bottom of the valley
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    Hay Making 2021

    Nearly finished only 5 more fields
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    Livestock pictures

    Some of the calving cows with one of stock bulls