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    Slurry storage

    We have the same issue with an earth banked silage clamp dug into a hill. Does anyone have a solution (please don’t say flexicoil along the wall🙈) short of digging out the whole bank and putting false wall in?
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    Pick up mounted concentrate feeder. we’re on dry ground mostly and can tow this most of the year for feeding youngstock
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    Fairly random Arla text this evening asking us to inform member services of any volume changes, it’s a fair request but we’ve tried communicating with Westbury/member services about collections/volume in the past and drawn a blank
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    Cost to setup and run an umbilical slurry system

    Did you use MDPE pipe or ABS/PVC?
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    Parlour pit matting

    Following this… bulk deal?
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    Covering Slurry lagoons??? Good thing or not???

    Anyone on here involved in the DEFRA Co-design on slurry/ammonia? I know @Janet Hughes Defra is very busy at the moment but it would be great to get an update on the direction of travel on all of the clean-air/slurry stuff
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    Covering Slurry lagoons??? Good thing or not???

    At £12/cube to treat slurry with acid I don’t think it’ll be very popular.
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    Covering Slurry lagoons??? Good thing or not???

    I wonder if this is a signal that government are leaning towards acidification rather than covering lagoons? I’m sceptical about acidification as I don’t think the impact on the slurry and soil biology is well understood and I think it relies on an on farm process would be difficult to enforce
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    Parlour for sale, Devon

    What money did it make?
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    Late lactation milk fever

    Yes, we’ve had the same with spring calvers in mid and late lactation. Get some limestone flour in there
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    Italian Ryegrass volunteers

    I like this idea, thank you. I’m thinking if it’s a horrible mess of grass in the spring I can whole-crop it and claim I always meant to do it.
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    Italian Ryegrass volunteers

    Planning to drill winter wheat into this ex-Italian ryegrass, really reluctant to plough as the soil looks good however, as you can see, there is a large seed bank waiting to germinate. Is another pass with glyphosate enough to sort the problem? The other option is to wholecrop it but I’d prefer...
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    All things Dairy

    What protein on the clover silage?
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    So does nitrogen need to be included in our carbon fottprint

    I seem to remember being asked if I used UK nitrogen or imported when I completed my Arla carbon audit and UK had lower footprint as the manufacture process emits less CO2…. Could be wrong though
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    Yea we have to pump every afternoon milking over at the moment, annoying job at the end of milking but at least we’re not hanging around waiting for the tanker to arrive to start milking.