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    Green star not working since update

    yours will be a 6000 HA which is fine
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    Greenstar activations

    No you need to unlock to sf3 and then you need a subscription for sf3 for rtk you need to unlock sf3 and rtk Only way for rtk is via a Jd869 radio pack or via a modem on a ntrip service
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    Greenstar activations

    Is the tractor Autotrac activated what screen are you running And what activation has the Starfire got so currently A screen need unlocking to work autotrac and non transferable on gen 4 ie 4200/4600 tractor screens “current 6r and above “ Starfire is SF1 by default Then unlock to SF3 and...
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    Greenstar 4640 in Claas tractor with Isobus

    Best way is to fit a JD Iso bus harness to tractor and the run the screen starfire and ATU on that the iso bus harness can be modified to work with a part of the claas one with a some testing and extra work
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    Combine telematics???

    Telematics is a great tool for management and the ability for Data transfer and machine uptime having you yield data or as applied data at you finger tip is valuable and make everything so simple You cant manage what you can't measure I don't understand why you pay for Variable rate speeding...
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    And many farms are also getting out bigger get out or joining forces
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    John Deere rtk

    Hi Marks What area are you in there are many options you can pm for more details
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    Connecting ATU200 on Greenstar Ready JD 6150R ?

    best to give me a call in morning and i can help
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    Storing and transferring AB lines/boundries

    May I ask why are you moving from gatekeeper
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    Claas gps

    You can fit a bridge kit To lexion and then a jd screen and Starfire to signal level of you choice
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    John Deere Gen4 won't do variable rate.

    What type of spreader have you got and all so the 750 will do VR There is new software for isobus 750 drills and gen 4 displays
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    John Deere Gen4 won't do variable rate.

    Activation are buy as you need not pay for something you don’t need
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    John Deere Gen4 won't do variable rate.

    If your machine is isobus you can do variable rate it’s only machine non iso bus we can’t do but we have a work round
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    Claas gps

    You can fit Greenstar if you would like
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    John Deere reducing dealerships