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    New Bridleway.

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    Govt Depts/NFU/Chris Packham.

    Defra and its agencies are populated by otherwise unemployable eco-greenies. The political boss of Defra may know what a fish looks like but he knows nothing else and has been completely overwhelmed by the EU backed Defra employees who are laughing all the way to the hedge. They cannot be got...
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    Case MXM 190 Pro Hand Throttle Potentiometer Issues

    Looks as though we have a problem here with the hand throttle making fuel flow very intermittent, thus very jerky movement, when on cultivations etc. Local fitters have not come up with solution - might it be wiring or electronic control box issue? Any ideas or even a solution very welcome!
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    New interim Chief Executive announced for RPA

    One correction to the above post - the procedure with the RPA is in fact under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Contact: 1 email : 2. Information Rights Team Rural Payments Agency North Gate House Reading RG1 1AF Tel : 03300 416502
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    New interim Chief Executive announced for RPA

    The lauding, by the, senior staff of DEFRA, and of the NFU,TFA etc of the appointment of a Delivery Director, who failed to deliver the BPS Scheme, as RPA Chief Executive, beggars belief - or does it? snafu methinks. Some of you I note, have trouble in getting SP and BP claims sorted...
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    BPS 16

    I am doing my claim on paper, as always, and have just received the pre-populated form. If I add up the eligible areas in Column 8 the total for the farm does not match the figure shown on page 25 at H1, where it says "you do not need to update this information"! Apart from RPA incompetence and...

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