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    Combinables Price Tracker

    All has to be fit for purpose, gluten can be destroyed by over cooking in a drier for example, so although protein bushel and bag might be there it won’t bake as gluten gone. C B
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Mule x Charolais donkeys, the 44.5’s were a bit lean, the last 2 pens were well fleshed.
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    Countryfile tonight

    9km of fencing, and 5 pigs in 1000 acres, never see them again 😂
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    Disappointed by cattle hurdles

    Selby way I think, search Premier Gate supplies on Facebook. He delivered to me. CB
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    Disappointed by cattle hurdles

    Have brought off Finney, is mostly Bateman stuff, and odd bit of IAE. Can't fault the heavy duty sheep hurdles with pins. But yes his sales patter is a bit much, C B
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    Thame sheep fair

    I got a trailer load of tex X theaves at £150/hd, probably £25 up on last year. Beltex x Charolais theaves were £80+ dearer than last year. The new arrivals don't seem to know what a dog is yet; C B
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker C B
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    Price of Farmland

    Tends/tended to be in the more fluidly traded counties of Cambridgeshire, and more so in Lincolnshire. They have a lot of land that isn't 'old estates', (if that makes sense), and inbig enough blocks to make it worthwhile buying, a few hundred acres here and there aren't worth bothering with. C B
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    Corned beef stock

    These are the folks to talk to, they can reclaim the fats and have an AD I believe. C B
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Or if China had any to sell to India. C B
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    Short 3phase or single phase grain auger

    size isn’t everything you know ?, going and one upping my tiddler!!!!
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    Short 3phase or single phase grain auger

    After a 10ft (can be a bit longer) grain auger 4”+ to mix grain with molasses anyone got anything suitable? C B
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    Early yields from Eastern Europe

    Everyone expects them to have problems, when they have a good harvest it is a problem as it means most will get exported, as domestic demand relatively small. That's the reasons behind the above statement. C B
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    Who wants a flock of ewes and lambs....

    leave your gates open, it sounds like they might randomly deliver themselves, however with your location they might have to learn how to swim as well !! C B
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Cracking trade at thrapston today with plenty of shapley lambs at £2.50/kg, no discount for weight either, mine were plainer sorts (out of mules) but got the below so very happy. C B

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