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    Bout marker for weed wiper

    Hi, I am looking for ideas on how to make a bout marker for my weed wipe, the manufacturer ones are very expensive. My own thoughts were a container carrying marker and some how letting it drip out in a slow fashion.
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    Trailer nuts

    If there's left thread it should be on the left side.
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    Quad tyre availability.

    Thanks for the offer I may be intrested, the sizes I am looking for are 25x8.00-12 and 25x11.00-12.
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    Quad tyre availability.

    I am looking for tyres for our quad and the better known makes seem to be in short supply. I tried to order 4 BKT wing's online and got an e mail to say they weren't available, and I find the same on other sites and other makes, I wonder if this is because of Covid or Brexit?
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    Ford Digger export

    Hi, I have a Ford 550 digger, is there any demand for them to export? the digger works ok but the cab is very rusty.
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    Ford 550 hose leak.

    Thanks Agrimax,(y) I forgot about the CNH Parts site, its been a while since the old girl has had some attention.
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    Ford 550 hose leak.

    Hi I have a hydraulic hose connection leaking on my Ford 550 digger This is at the valve block, and I was wondering if anyone knew what Seals this, is it an o ring or a dowty type washer? Thanks, Ronnie.
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    Ifor Williams Sump Tank Cap

    As the title, are all the Sump tank caps the same size? Looking through the internet and surprisingly little information on different types and I am looking for a new one for a TA model.
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    Massey Ferguson 235 (Ursus 2812) leaking coolant fast into the block

    Are there any core plugs behind the timing cover? I can't remember but if so that could be the cause.
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    Quality of replacement parts?

    I thought Genuine Massey Parts for classics were Sparex, I may be wrong though.
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    MF65 Wings

    I was just wondering the same, but for a Massey 135 square wings. I have had poor ones in the past.
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    Can am ATV

    My Can Am 450 is a nice bike to use, better than the Honda 420 i had before, but It is a bit under powered and it cost me nearly £400 to fix a starting problem, not impressed as it's only done just over 1000 miles and is two and a half years old.
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    Can am ATV

    I have had the same with my 450 when its worked hard towing a logic flail mower, I replaced two of the hose clips that were leaking, on mine it was like the cooling system was over pressurising and putting coolant out the overflow once the clips were replaced, that was last summer so we will see...
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    Enamel paint

    Thanks Fergie35, I have used Tractol and Teamac I found Teamac quicker to dry and easier to brush if I need to, I used 2 pack on my land rover and found it chips just the same as synthetic. I was just wondering what makes of paint other people found the best.
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    Enamel paint

    Hi, There is quite a difference in RPE needed for 2 pack paint compared to synthetic enamel, I do wear a mask when using synthetic it's better than coughing up paint for a day or so:), I can hardly justify a new compressor for what I do, I am interested in the type of paint people use i.e...