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    4 pronged socket ??
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    Wide cereal rows

    If you think it will be a problem it would be easy enough to modify/make a roller that is also on wide spacing
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    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    But if its locked at over 15kph as recommended unless you have perfectly straight roads you can't have it unlocked for all corners
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    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    Which part of that description is not using passive steering properly?
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    Slurry-Tec obe Tankers

    Yep this tanker is a tandem on 800/60r32 so should hopefully travel well, haven't had it in any soft going yet to find out properly yet.
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    Medium weight discs

    How about a second topdown?
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    2250 acres of arable pasture to rent in Kent

    If your stock have broke the fence then who else should be paying?
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    Whats the idea of this?

    But the outlet on the tanker is 150mm nozzle is around 60 mm so still more than enough to feed 2
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    Moving fert to the field

    Does that not put you overweight? Not many 140hp tractors with a 6t payload
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    Today at work

    He's trying to make it grow into a twin rotor ?
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    New toy day

    Its got bpw axles in it
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    New toy day

    Hard to compare prices as none of the Irish manufacturers would build a tanker to the same spec to compare with it eg none could fit that size tyres on and have room for steering.
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    New toy day

    Picked this up today
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    Joskin trailing shoe

    Looking for a joskin trailing shoe, ideally a 7.74m but other sizes considered.
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    Bad place to park....

    Would applying a thick layer around the car achieve anything as the slurry he's spreading didn't look overly thick, and with the dry weather and how dry the ground is in a couple of hours it would be dried out to the point of having no effect

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