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    what grinds your gears

    Got a set of pipe grips off amazon the other week came in a box which was inside another box with the miles of paper. Not exactly going to be easily damaged in the post
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    Lamma 2020

    Might be the best in Scotland if that's what you mean but a long way from the best in the country
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    Just one implement

    Best paying job.... How about sell the tractor and stick the money in a savings account won't cost you anything then
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    Slurry tanker dribble bar

    Disc injector and put it in the soil
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    Mobile phone and milking gloves, fingerprint scanner

    Got one of those, apparently I don't have a face that can operate it tho
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    Slurry tanker dribble bar

    If going to the expense of fitting one of these booms why not go for a trailing shoe and get the slurry onto the soil where it should be rather on the grass
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    Lamma 2020

    Why leave later? It's far easier setting off early and missing the traffic. When it was at Peterborough and Newark I always managed to get straight into the site with no queues by setting off a decent time
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    Vaccy tank, 8” autofill or 6” turbo fill

    Have 8" auto fill arm with turbo fill on 3000g tanker here will fill in a shade over 2 minutes in watery slurry and will be completely full, when you get to the field pressure relief valve will be blowing off by the time you move your hand from the pto switch to the spool. Have a few jobs where...
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    Millions of trees to be planted,

    So it's a good solution to all the posts on here about dealing with problem neighbours who's houses border fields, stick an acre or two of trees beside them
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    Fendt 718 remap

    I'd prefer a MAN engined version
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    Injecting slurry

    Shallow disc injector worked well unless slurry was too fibrous? How was the slurry going to sit on top of the grass as it grew when the whole idea of the disc is to cut into the soil so the slurry is in the ground not on the grass?
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    Deere or Fendt

    Dealer didn't get 60k? He got 140k. He then bought a different tractor for 80k
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    How much to charge for fertiliser spreading?

    If there was no profit then there'd be nobody going to do the job
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    Deere or Fendt

    If you were never talking about the out going tractor then the new one hasn't cost £60k it has cost £140k
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    What if you could build your own tractor ??

    A Case/Steyr cvx with a 250hp man engine pretty much all that would be needed

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