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    Michelin 620 wheels

    where abouts are they?
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    Wanted Beef shorthorn or native Calfs.

    ive 4 pedigree beefshort horn heifers will be 10ish month old
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    Multidrive refurb

    ive a pair of 26" rims that had 750 tyres on if theyre any use to anyone, 12 stud
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    doppstadt trac

    Was the chap on here that bought the one SR Haylock had for sale?
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    doppstadt trac

    Doppstadt made them out of leftovers ?
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    doppstadt trac

    same box as my 510c as far as i can tell, not as nice to get gears with tho
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    doppstadt trac

    Fendt is off to Latvia tho so better get used to it
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    doppstadt trac

    Yerh 366a zf box. Only just got it tbh, it does seem quite a workout driving it with a heavy load on. Comfortable tho. Only just 50k reving brains out.
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    doppstadt trac

    Tidy. Doppstadt don’t seem to have any literature for them anymore
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    doppstadt trac

    I think reeds were into them, I’ll apen try them Monday. Thanks
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    doppstadt trac

  12. D C

    doppstadt trac

    Like chalk and cheese
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    doppstadt trac

    has anyone a book for the doppstadt trac 160? ive a couple of fault codes i could do with fettleing
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    Today at work

    trying to get the 4ws to work, anyone got the book?
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    Best way to lift a downer cow?

    Just made the @jimmer lift, works a treat! Thanks

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