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    Hay Making 2021

    Can’t get that link to work for some reason.
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Think they are filming now although that does not necessarily mean a second series in the tv world as they waste money like you wouldn't believe filing things that never get aired.
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    Farm diversification - caravan storage

    Gave it up years ago as it was to much hassle. People wanting their caravans out last minute because they decided they wanted to go away. Friday afternoon 3pm and suddenly you've got to get 10 caravans out, washed, batteries charged, tyres blown up and to get to them you need to move 20 caravans...
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    Cost of rent per acre

    Got some grass rented out for £180/acre/year and we keep the BPS. The renter can then do whatever he wants with it in terms of silage, hay, grazing etc. He fertilisers it and does all the work.
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    Hay Making 2021

    What fert has it had?
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    Hay Making 2021

    Quality is really good, provably the best I have ever seen but the yields aren't great. I think the dry weather Feb to May has done a job on the potential. Highest I have seen is 2.37t/acre over a weighbridge and lowest is 1.7t/acre over a weighbridge. We normally expect over 3t/acre.
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    Potato crop 2021

    Got one local guy who plants 900 acres. He finished just before it started raining in May and says everything looks nice. Got another local guy who plants 400 acres - started planting early march and finished late march. Again he is saying it all looks nice so far.
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    ELMS in the real world.

    He's held his menu prices as they were prior to the last lockdown. He's still profitable but now making less per steak. in 2019 his total meat order for the year was £200,000.
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    farming's civil war is coming

    It just shows how corrupt the system is because my none assured wheat basically is a cheap buy to the merchant who then adds value to it by making assured before it reaches its end destination. If its a milling variety the added value would be in the region of £30/tonne for doing nothing.
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    Anybody had dealings with them? Its a long way from me and don't want a wasted journey. Cheers.
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    farming's civil war is coming

    Sorry but this is not true. I have had contact with 6 merchants recently and all of them will buy none assured feed wheat but cannot give a milling premium.
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    farming's civil war is coming

    Red Tractor is not a legal requirement so just don't join and adapt your farming business around not being members such as growing feed wheat instead of milling. In a bad price year you will loose nothing and in a good price year you might loose £25/t milling premium.
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    What can we do if blocked in or out?

    Moved a few now over the years from gateways onto roadside verges. Just make sure theres nobody around and they don't have a dash cam inside the vehicle. Always used pallet tine extensions wrapped in fertiliser bags or similar so reduce potential damage. The problem is those people won't do it...
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    ELMS in the real world.

    I think its workable and will be a matter of us not really having a choice. Prices of commodities is artificially high at the moment but won't be here to stay. I was talking to a restauranteur last night who has 4 places dotted about. All higher end stuff and he's been busier than ever since...
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    Skilled operator advert, £20,000 a year?

    Very much doubt they will get one applicant for that. We advertised at £30,000 per year for 39 hour per week (no overtime available) and had a couple apply who were not suitable anyway. Nobody wants the work and I think we are not far off having to pay £20/hour to get anybody decent to be...