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    Is this real?

    I would still expect the eastern arable counties to be brown and not green , I suspect the left hand pic was taken much earlier in the year.
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    Abstraction restrictions.

    depends on the timescale, could be 20 m3 a year or could be 20 m3 a minute. op didn't say.
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    Solar one side, woodland the other side.

    Maybe it has nothing to do with money or sequestering carbon. maybe he just likes trees and woodland , I planted a small amount of woodland and dug out a couple of ponds a few years back, have to say its my favourite part of the farm now.
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    I think it was the combine but not 100% sure
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    West Dorset today
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    Running 8 wheeler tippers

    when last did nights out which was 5 years ago the rate was £35, cant fathom why anyone would even consider it for £17.
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    Running 8 wheeler tippers

    Assuming he's working full time doing 50 hours per week + 4 nights out £400 works out at well under the minimum wage
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    That £400 energy rebate

    Gov backtracked on loan idea, doesn't have to be repaid now.
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    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    Same here, two girls taking orders both masked up but behind perspex so no contact with customers ( apart from taking cash as its cash only) yet the ones behind them doing the food prep and cooking unmasked.
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    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    I passed a chap who was riding a bike down a country lane yesterday who was wearing a mask yet not a helmet. strange assessment of risk I thought.
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    Classics earning there keep

    78440 and TS 270
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    St swithins

    mainstream schools break up at the end of next week . 6 weeks of rain
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    Horse Liveries - Do's and Don'ts

    I know that. That's why I assume there would be lots of hoops to jump through beacuse otherwise an unscrupulous livery provider could clear out a customers bank account and dissappear.
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    Young farmer killed in bale-wrapping machine

    How many people operating post knockers standing next to pipes, why are the pipes not sleeved if its as dangerous as some on here are saying. not like hse to miss a trick like this.
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    Horse Liveries - Do's and Don'ts

    how do you go about setting up direct debit ? must be loads of hoops to jump through. + not sure I would be happy giving a local farmer permission to dip into my bank account whenever he felt like it.