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    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    Rob, why were you swathing the straw on the headland but chopping in field? Also do you change to wider tires on your massey for spraying in the autumn and spring?
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    Trying to get milk contract.

    Lad from Derby has gone in with a few cows and a lot of young stock. Dont know where the milk is going.
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    Umbilical slurry outfit - justified for own use only?

    Are you still happy with it a couple of years down the line?
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    All things Dairy

    Clearview, good choice. I thought our contractor was joking when he said he took out 14 loads of silage last week.
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    Staffing levels

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    Milk Price Tracker

    Always the tank!
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    Milk Price Tracker

    Any deduction for high bacto?
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    Staffing levels

    Yeah so its a bit miss leading. Its hard to get to the bottom of it all on a lot of farms. We were on a farm walk and the farmer was like yeah we do all this with just the 3 of us and you think wow they are doing well. Only for two relief milkers arrive at milking time and then the dad rolls in...
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    Staffing levels

    My boss in NZ milked on one of his farms 1200 cows x2 a day cows then 1400 once a day cows washed down and rinsed the rotary with cold water then milked the 1200 x2 a day cows again. Share milker took over and put more cows on!!!!!!
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    Staffing levels

    Did they have centre pivots and rotaries? Was one of the four doing financial budgets, paper work etc?
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    Staffing levels

    Just spat out half my white wine spritzer laughing.
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    Staffing levels

    Had the misfortune of milking 1900 x2 through a 50:100 swing over for a few weeks when all the power went out in Canterbury. Still upset I didn't get a medal.
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    Staffing levels

    I think people should have to video themselves working and post on youtube to back up some the claims they make on here. I guarantee you things would get more realistic real quick!
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    Cull cow loading/arrival times

    I only send to places that kill on the day. Last thing I want is them mixed with strangers and stressed all night.
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    The hoof GP

    Then you've lost your objectivity if you really believe that. Lots to learn from his videos. With his views and subscriber count he'll be retired long before any of us!