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    More money isn't always the answer -- why did you LEAVE?

    Can assure you printing isn't easy either. Our main press was £500k back in year 2000, and it was all about buying kit to print stuff cheaper than the next printer.
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    What events?

    Does the lack of comments mean you lot aren't interested in events?
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    What events?

    Ha ha. Memories (some foggy and not just because of age). What did you like about them? Maybe we can learn and do something about it. Dan
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    What events?

    Could do with opinions please. What farming events do you like and why? Conversly What farming events do you not like and why? Dan
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    Are you open for collaboration?

    Would be very interested to hear how your leaflet performs. You might find a report about marketing to farmers we've produced of interest. You can download it at
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    Has anyone used Zappshelters?

    Hi all As title says, has anyone had any experience of ZappShelters ( Or opinions appreciated. Dan
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    Help with photos

    Thank you to those who’ve shared their pictures. Also thank you to those who shared their banter. Good to see despite everything, there’s still a sense of humour out there. Dan
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    Help with photos

    Hi All I hope you’re keeping well, I’m after a Hillsgreen we have just produced a report on farmers buying behaviour and I want to include some real farmer images to show that farmers aren’t just white 50-60 year old blokes (nothing against you; I’m one myself I’d really appreciate...
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    The Cheshire Agricultural Trade Fair 28 January 2021

    A new event is coming to Cheshire in January On Thursday 28th January 2021, the Cheshire Agricultural Society are set to kick start the year with a brand-new event – The Cheshire Agricultural Trade Fair. After a year of cancelled events, Show Director of The Cheshire Agricultural Society, Rob...
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    Restaurant sales and meat boxes - Pork

    Worth exploring. You may need to consider continuity of supply, ie. restaurants will probably want a weekly delivery. Nothing beats research; speak to as many restaurants as you can. Come up with 5 or 6 questions you ask them around pricing, supply, cuts, etc. Negative answers are as valuable...
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    Fuel Card recommendations

    Oh fuel cards........ I was promoted to running a small printing company a few years back; we had 3 vans, and 4 company cars on the books, all diesel, filled up using fuel cards, probably averaging 500 miles per week. Something didn't seem right with the diesel costs. With a little...
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    To get the credit, give the credit: "We are very grateful how local shops, and the supermarkets are working so hard to ensure the food produced by farmers around the country is reaching the British public."
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    Tax relief for agricultural workers

    I should clarify, I'm well looked after by my employer, so me providing my own work wear, phone, etc, is fine by me. Its just can I claim any of the expense I incur against tax?
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    Tax relief for agricultural workers

    Hi Are there any tax reliefs a farm employee on PAYE basis claim? I'm wondering if tax relief can be applied to, for example, work clothing, footwear, work use of personal mobile phone, tools......anything else? Ta Dan
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    Farm Assurance - again

    Jeeeeez. Whilst I totally believe British farming is the best in the world, British farmers are also pretty bloody good at moaning! No other industry gives such low priority to a professional approach to sales and marketing. Sorry that's reality. Every farm is a business in its own right and...