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    More money isn't always the answer -- why did you LEAVE? The money must have brilliant, but I couldn't have worked like that even when I was 20.
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    More money isn't always the answer -- why did you LEAVE?

    Most top management are probably at least partially aware of this, but as I suspect this whole situation is part of the human condition, they realise that it's almost impossible to solve, and if profit are at least okay, they aren't going to rock the boat in order to make others lives better...
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    More money isn't always the answer -- why did you LEAVE?

    No. Having to deal with barstewards every day is never worth it, especially when they've got power over you.
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    John Deere 2030 1975 diesel

    Those round fuses are a crime against humanity, forever giving trouble on my old Laverda.
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    Grammer MSG95 seat air pipes

    It's probably the pipe material thats causing you trouble (unless you used manufacturers pipe when you last did it). Original grade is sourced to stand the many thousands of flexings endured every day, and needs a special grade for the job. Probably best to approach someone like a Grammer agent...
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    Which 100/110 hp loader tractor

    It would be really useful if the OP told us her budget, and whether new or used was preferred.
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    Training/New skills

    I appreciate the efforts that you are making to bring new people into your business, but it is still true that many industries just don't bother, especially, to their shame, the biggest companies who should be diverting some of their profits into ensuring the supply of new talent.
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    Training/New skills

    NO business in this country wants to do any training of new staff, they can't think ahead for future needs, just short termism.
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    New Red Tractor crap.

    I suppose that the political needs of the moment took precedent, and principles were rapidly dumped.
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    Pre ploughing and pre emergence spraying

    It depends on the weather after the field has been drilled, and I don't spray if there is no rain in the offing, as the clods with grass weeds etc in them dry out totally on the drilled surface, and weeds succumb. It only takes two days if sunny and warm or three if overcast.
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    New Red Tractor crap.

    I appreciate that the countries you're talking about have introduced restrictions, but as a mainly arable farmer the countries setting the price of corn etc for me are South America, Ukraine, Australia and the US mid west, and I haven't seen any reports that they are restricting inputs in any way.
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    New Red Tractor crap.

    The reason I mentioned Red Tractor was that it feels like another way in which foreign growers will not be hampered by regulations, whilst we will face restrictions on our inputs, yet again reducing profits on growing crops etc. Of course imported grain will not be checked to ensure that it was...
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    New Red Tractor crap.

    Just read that Eustace has said fertiliser use must be reduced on crops in order to meet our CO2 commitments. We can only hope that producers in other countries not covered by these sort of regulations will nobly reduce their use so as not to compete with us unfairly.... Or will our great...
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    Any drainage experts on here

    Unlikely - when my local agricultural division closed in the 90s, they sent the drainage scheme maps they held back to the farmers who had originally done the schemes. Probably most others did the same.
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    Moling Water pipe

    My pipe put in using this method 30 years ago was only lightly scratched, but it was obviously weakened by these and kept leaking in the past decade.