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    Cheapest/ best material for field shelter cladding and roof

    I have been told onduine is supposed to be put on top of osb. Our local saw mill sell something they called "square edge" which is the barky outsides that they saw off roundwood before making planks. Odd lengths but cheap; we've used it on some log sheds.
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    Cheap EID Readers

    I've got the reader in the photo of the OP. I did a bit of a review of it on here:- Simplest sheep EID tag reader and thermal printer If that's not a ff link then search for the thread. I'm afraid I hijacked someone else's question. It can download a list of eid numbers but there is no way...
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    Foreign (non-UK) fencing tools...

    Sadly its now sold out on Amazon. Does anyone know Fred Fencer or Fencer Fred (what a double act!) so a copy can be purchased direct?
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    Docks and rotavating

    We had lots of docks until I stopped having cows fed in the fields and started rotational grazing with sheep. All the docks are now gone.
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    Parrot mouthed lambs

    We had a few parrotmouthed lambs several years ago. It started me recording the lambs and ewes. Couldn't do it that year as had no mark on the ewes or the lambs but the next year, when it happened again I could match the new crop of parrotmouths with their mums and sisters (I remember having...
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    Which Ewes to Cull

    I have a Houdini who escaped the cull field, then jumped in with the ram and produced a super pair of lambs. We now have an agreement - she only jumps out when the grass is low so its up to me to move her flock regularly. I'd say she he led the way to rotational grazing. She's a special case...
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    Has any TFF members published anything?

    Wow. Thanks everyone. To be honest, I'd forgotten I'd asked but the response has been amazing. I love TFF!
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    Has any TFF members published anything?

    I met someone the other day who published a book and it got me thinking. What's out there?
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    Treating listeria

    I successfully treated listeria in a couple of hogs with lambs. I can't post a link to the thread as Im not that good. Lots of pen and strep and daily fluid drenches as they could not stand to drink and had no coordination and daily supporting them to stand so they can fart and pee and hourly...
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    Accuracy of Davis weather station “rainfall” measured?

    Thanks fb, Davis have now sent some useful feedback. The outside box is not talking to the indoor box all the time. This means there's gaps in the data. They suggested to try line of sight so the internal box is now sat on a dining chair by the window facing the outside box but this has not...
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    Louping Ill vaccine

    So you're losing one third of your replacements! :sorry:
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    Louping Ill vaccine

    I'm fairly enthusiastic to vaccinate my replacement gimmers having now lost 6 lambs in a week. My vet says the existing louping ill vaccine has been withdrawn. If anyone knows of any still for sale please pm me - I only need 25 doses. I found this article...
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    Coping with dementia

    Its tough to have two parents with dementia. You are asking about coping strategies so I'm assuming that they have each been to the GP and got a diagnosis. Not all forgetfulnesses and irritables are dementia - they could be because of a bladder infection. As for coping strategies I'm a...
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    Accuracy of Davis weather station “rainfall” measured?

    We recently got a Davis (it was my birthday) and the rain recording is somewhat lower than our previous Youshiko. Comparing with our analogue rain gauge and with other local stations I preferred the data from the Youshiko but Davis' response when we queried how to calibrate the rain gauge...