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    Smart Motorways

    Poor woman on the radio other morning had lost her husband on M1. One thing that really stuck out to me. She said he was exchanging details with other driver on the hard shoulder when a lorry wiped them both up. without sounding harsh he should never ever have been on the hard shoulder!!! The...
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    Smart Motorways

    It's not so much the motorways themselves as lack of education. You pass your test and the fastest road you've been on is probably the local dual carriageway ring road round town. Many will not have been over 50mph. then as soon as you've passed you get let loose on some of the busiest and...
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    Ebay selling very quiet?

    ebay motors is almost a separate website. listing as a classified on the regular website is firstly only supported on the full website version (not phone/tablet app) and is only an option depending what listing tool you've selected to use. in other words it's hard work and they don't want you...
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    Today NOT at work

    There's only a farmer can post pictures involving a tractor and telehandler and try to claim it's not work!
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    It took Liverpool 30 odd years to get back to the top. Can see Man U going similar way
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    Try 5-0. they're just proving there's nothing to worry about when they get relegated
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    A question of a invoice

    Exactly. I don't really see theres a story here. Clerical error that will get sorted. If it doesn't then it becomes a story
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    Ebay selling very quiet?

    Have you a link to the tractors? There's usually one fundamental reason why things don't sell
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    Ebay selling very quiet?

    It's 10% just like pretty much every real 'live' auction. no one takes stuff to Cambridge for them to advertise it, only for you to sell it before the auctioneer gets to it
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    Love island police officer

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    Valtra n143 versu loader tractor

    Surely that's theirs and the vendors business?
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    It really isn't that simple. It's not a corner shop we're talking about. Man Utd plc is one of the biggest brands in the world. What's happens in the pitch is largely irrelevant for the tine being. They can still live off the fergie glory years for another 10 years in terms of marketing revenue...
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    Define warranty

    Out of warranty maybe but a ram is hardly dear and obviously had an issue. You'd expect them to send another out as a goodwill thing. At the end of the day it's probably the difference between you buying another from them and not.
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    I've a bit of sympathy for solschar. you look at klopp and guardiola and you feel like they're in charge of the club and making the big decisions. not sure ole is afforded that luxury. Like he's trying to do it with a hand tied behind his back
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    Those commercial mowers are in a different world. even @Warp Land Farmer gave in and bought a ferris.

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