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    Fife today

    Popcorn ready for the armchair experts
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    English cricket summer

    I bet he's taken that well with no strops
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    Rekord tsn 250

    You don't need to identify it. There's only 2 seals on it. One on the pto input shaft. The other behind the pulley inside that guard. Take the guard, belts and top pulley off. Then dig the seal out. Probably destroy it in the process. Then either measure up or take it to a bearing shop. Will...
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    Straightening a 10 stud axle

    Advanced edition
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    Straightening a 10 stud axle

    Warm it, press it, don't let it cool too quick
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    Lovely. Name?
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    Most girls do look better when they're not trying too hard
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    I don't really understand why anyone would be shocked that a genuine part is significantly dearer than spurious. In 15 years mending and trading machinery I think I've only ever had to use a main dealer for parts 5 or 6 times. I consider them the final option rather than the first one
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    All blades aren't we?
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    Looks about right for me. Shes trying to use an extension bar and knuckle joint as a breaker bar
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    Aged Mcconnel part ?

    So it wasn't electric after all?
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    540 - 1000 pto topper question

    Think it's pretty much standard practice to use 6 spline at 1000 rpm nowadays unless on high hp jobs
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    540 - 1000 pto topper question

    The push/pull toppers are all 1000 input regardless of what spline pto shaft.
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    Who is it?
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    What sort of valve is this

    This ^^ I looked at mine properly and I was talking rubbish earlier :ROFLMAO:

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