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    Muckspreader bed chains/sprockets

    Maybe try They do parts for Richard Western spreaders but I asked them wether they could do a kit for our old Sampson. They have done in the past they said. Could be a possibility.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Old 1490 was getting a bit tired for the straw blower and rotten. Picked this up a few weeks ago. Needs a bit of work lights tyres etc and a lick of paint but tinwork is very good.
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    House extension out of concrete panels

    How did you find them to work with? is it mu cheaper and easier to use?
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    Project Zetros

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    Project Xerion.

    I seen it on Machinery Pete’s page on Facebook a few weeks ago at a farm sale.
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    Project Xerion.

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    Project Xerion.

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    Project Xerion.

    Just the ticket!
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    Project Xerion.

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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Next week they are announcing it.
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    Very low houred case 1494 hydra shift

    It’s a thing of beauty! I see it’s going to Cheffin’s soon, someone on Facebook said they were wanting 16k for it.
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    ford TW35/8830/8730

    Have a look on Border Livestock Exchange. Farm sale on October 18th. Few beasties there might be up your street.
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    Maxxum 140 front suspension pressure

    I priced a new accumulator for our 140 puma Case was the cheapest at £200. Where did you find that one?