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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Next week they are announcing it.
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    Very low houred case 1494 hydra shift

    It’s a thing of beauty! I see it’s going to Cheffin’s soon, someone on Facebook said they were wanting 16k for it.
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    ford TW35/8830/8730

    Have a look on Border Livestock Exchange. Farm sale on October 18th. Few beasties there might be up your street.
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    Maxxum 140 front suspension pressure

    I priced a new accumulator for our 140 puma Case was the cheapest at £200. Where did you find that one?
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    The Best Film ever!!

    Kelly’s Hero’s
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    May only need adjustment. Same number or similar shows up on our puma cvx every now and again. First time it happened a few years back we got the pads changed as our dealer had no experience before with this, but found next till no wear on them.
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    A.S Marston trailers

    I think there’s a tie up between frank ogg and a company Mallinson of Dalston Carlisle that make transpread spreaders and bruisers for Kelvin Cave too developer trailers. They’ve a post on Facebook end of June about it.
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    Whose birthday is it today?

    My birthday today! My daughters’ 1st birthday yesterday! Wee dram or 3 too celebrate at the highland show later!
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    Fuchs Lubricants

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    Scottish lfa payment?

    Letter came in today!
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    Importing a New Machine From The USA

    Just along the road from me. Tank collapsed in on it last year. Think they put new engine in it.
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    Pneumonia Disaster

    Yes a copper bolus each. Up north here we're a low copper area. Yep usually noromectin pour on then inject for fluke after new year. If it works for you you don't need to change.
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    Pneumonia Disaster

    About 160. Where every possible we rather dose copper and vaccinate 3wk or so before coming in but with late harvest and tip sales etc we haven't had a chance. Makes big difference calves cough up worms before weaning. Didn't get a chance this year.
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    Pneumonia Disaster

    About 20+yr ago we were hit bad with pneumonia. Never vaccinated before that what ever we did just didn't seem to work , weather probably worst factor that year. We lost 15 that autumn. More following summer with damaged lungs. Just as some here say you just can't bare to go into the shed...
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    Maxammon Grain Treatment

    Did you bruised before or after you treated the grain?

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