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    Do tractors go better after 8pm?

    Went and looked with/for a mate, we put it 12-13k... Don't feel half so bad having paid nearly 16 for a late, immaculate 3500hr one last year now :eek:
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Well, if that's your worst sale.......
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    Do tractors go better after 8pm?

    A reasonably tidy 1996 Massey 6180, on small wheels and poor tyres went well yesterday. Before lunch.... £15500
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Even I would be saying "You are still getting 80% BPS, Suck it up matey"
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    If you can see a profit, grab it quick :rolleyes: .
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    Pet owners face £20,000 fines and jail time for feeding their pets a vegan diet

    Nobody will ever get fined 20 grand though will they..
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    Water pipe under road

    If you push the scaffold tube through quick enough, the gas pipe will self seal... Digger man I know of had a tube hit a stone underground and deflect, and it came up through the road surface.
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    Pool prices

    It always hurts less to load out at spot value on the day, having not sold higher, than it does to load out a forward sale at £30 under spot.
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    5f reversible plough

    Rabe slats are fine with 600 I can tell you, there was a v.tidy breakback one offered to me in response to a wanted on here. Too heavy for me at the time. Think it was @Hillside ? Wearing metal availability fine, break anything else though, and sadly I think you are on your own.
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    Fertiliser spreader tray testing

    Fert can vary bag to bag, unless it is SP5. I had "pros" in once, and wasn't very impressed, its one sample of fert, on one day, with that days wind/rh conditions. Got a set of 4 trays that came with Sulky spreader, and can do a quick check any time, I think this is better, it allows you to know...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    You might hope that ADM et al would be big enough have some clout.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Then I must be one too, because I am starting to think the same way.
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    Red Tractor liars

    Ironic smilie required please... If there is actually any imported grain blended into that flour, then the whole reply is a fraud.
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    Red Tractor liars

    Encouraging to note that they are only using UK wheat though? It would rather blow a hole through that reply if those membership numbers were found to be in any way lacking... Of course RT have helped concoct that response, Tesco would chuck the problem back up the line. That is what FA is for.
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    Newark market

    Those lovely new buildings😭! Is it legal for the council to at the same time have a historic obligation to provide a market site, but then make the lease sufficiently expensive that it cannot operate? Guess it must be..