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    JD 6610 forward/reverse shuttle

    Another vote from me for a proper diagnostic. It's in a proper workshop manual if you can get hold of one; they're not cheap to buy though. There are a few related threads on here if you have a look, might give you an idea of whats involved.
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    JD 6610 forward/reverse shuttle

    I take it you are able to smooth the shift using the clutch pedal. You can put pressure gauges on the power quad and see what its doing when you shift (with range in neutral). The pressure drops and rises within a few seconds. Some of the lads on here are proper john deere men should be able to...
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    Prolapse close to lambing. Update.

    I'd call that a very fair result so far. Don't be so hard on yourself, you did well to catch her lambing at all. We all have worse endings every year.
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    Prolapse near to lambing

    Another vote for the harness. I don't use the spoon with them, and if its on properly they have a chance of lambing through it if you miss her. Another vote for helping her up. Good luck with her but you certainly don't win them all. If they don't drink and haven't for a couple of days you might...
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    John deere 6620 from JR Firby

    Thought it was just my internet connection. Frustrating.
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    Ozka tyres, anyone tried any

    Same as ridger, front of loader tractor here. Doing my job.
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    Finishing Cattle , Simple Small Scale

    I'm in much the same position as Ridger and am not the only one by a long shot. Rents he quoted are bang on here co armagh. Not saying its right or sustainable but he's not far wrong.
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    Had the same issue a few years ago. Found it best to treat everything at once not just the ones showing obvious signs. I know the argument about blanket antibiotic treatments, but if you just treat the obvious ones you'll miss a sub clinical case and she will re infect the others. Its a real...
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    IH B47 Baler Woes

    I would suggest that you don't be in too much of a hurry to pull the knotters apart. If the previous owner said it was working there may not be that much wrong except the effects of sittin about. If it came from a farmer then its not that likely to be worn out. I have an ex contractors jd baler...
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    IH B47 Baler Woes

    If you put a photo or two it might help. Balers do give you the impression that knotters are a dark art, but depending on where the twine bunches up or which side of the knot breaks can give a fair guide to whats goin wrong. Few good videos on youtube as well. Taking a close look at what the...
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    Magneto Refurbishment

    Had two done over the years by Ribblesdale auto electrics. Certainly did a good job each time.Can't comment on price or anything because I just picked them at random first time and stuck with them. At that time there seemed to be one guy there who did them, he was very approachable and...

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