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    Mobile handling

    We run about 350 sheep in total so we have batches from 40 sheep with lambs to 180 sheep with lambs mainly mules with a few pure texels. Wanting to be able to setup in fields to minimise bringing them across a busy road but also being able to set them up in our sheep building for times like...
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    Mobile handling

    Should of put sheep really to give everyone a clue 😂
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    Mobile handling

    Which are the best and why? Looking at buying one but unsure which one cheers Daz
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    Cows with calf at foot

    How much and are you willing to split?
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    Orf in lambs

    We’ve gone back to scratching do it as we turn them out
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    Row crop centres

    What centres does everybody run at? Thinking of going to 79” or 2m on 460’s don’t do spud work and never will.
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    Waterproof jacket recommendation

    The wife is after a new coat must be waterproof and warm what has everyone got cheers
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    Robson’s Structures

    Don’t know anything about robsons but robinsons of Scotland are good to deal with
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    Steel frame buildings - where to buy

    I’ve currently got one coming from Robinsons of Scotland seem very good to deal with and a good price as well
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    Best laptop

    What would be the best laptop for photo editing, pictures taken with an iPhone and a digital slr trying to treat the wife cheers daz
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    Providing electricity to a caravan site

    I would think about a new supply in as if you’re only single phase you get 5 vans drawing at 6 in the evening you’ll soon run out of power for the farm or house as you’ll only have either a 80amp or 100 amp incoming supply
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    Case 695 4wd solenoid

    Hi does anyone know the location of the 4wd solenoid on a case 695 cheers daz
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    New Bungalow

    Not many architects get it right!! 😂
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    What area are you allowed under prior approval?
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    Best lights for sheep building?

    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking it’s 60ft wide so thinking of 3 per bay