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    Autonomous bale mover.

    Very impressive bit of kit, can you get them in the UK?
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    Ransomes 51 Marquis cylinder mower

    Ransomes 51 Marquis cylinder mower for sale. Used to use it to keep the lawn looking incredibly tidy and short. Has a new fuel tank, runs well. Started this morning in a couple of pulls after being fuelled. Not been started for a while but mowed ok. £150 buyer collects, its large and heavy!
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    Deutz Fahr KM22 - parts donor

    Hello, what condition is yours in? Do you know it's age? Is it a red or a green one? Thanks
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    Deutz Fahr KM22 - parts donor

    True we could refit the drum back and weld it in place. Ironically it was the good drum that parted company with the mower. The bottom disc on the other drum is not spinning freely. Hits something internally. Looked at trying to take it off to investigate but studs holding it on are too tight...
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    Deutz Fahr KM22 - parts donor

    Good afternoon, After many years of service my rather old KM22 parted with a drum yesterday morning. Is there any value in any of it for parts or is it all heading straight to the scrap man? I have decided that repairing it probably isn't going to be cost effective, as it had a fault before...
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    John Deere JS63 mulching mower

    Secondhand John Deere JS63 mulching mower. In good condition, starts first pull of the cord. No longer used as we now collect the grass clippings, so I have decided to sell it. Has a homemade fix on the self propelled cable, these seem to be the weak point of the machine. £150 Thank you
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    I assume that is a 4wd vineyard tractor, has it been tried behind a 2wd standard tractor (80hp)?
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    What horsepower requirement is needed to pull the two leg version?
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    Thank you, I was asking as we have a Ransomes mole plough/subsoiler. May be worth an experiment on some tough areas of pasture. We have had water standing on higher ground suggesting the soil could be compacted and not letting it drain away. Sorry grandpapete completely highjacked your thread!
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    I assume this was mean't to be humorous, would you get any shatter from a mole plough?
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    JD Spares

    What have you been buying?? :unsure:
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    Slurry tanker small pipe fitting

    We have an old slurry tanker with a spare 6" opening blanked off. We are think of using it as a large mobile water tanker for watering a nursery. Looking at this NC tanker there is a smaller fitting to the right at the rear. What is this called? Who sells them? Struggling to find such a...
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    A few workshop jobs.

    Ask to see the scrap/off cut bins just inside the door, two sections of box 1140mm long the other day £4. Great for what I needed. The metal in the bins does change from week to week. Previous purchase 100mm x 100mm angle again just over a metre long, cut what I needed and have a spare piece...
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    SG2 Electrics - Hazard warning constantly flashing

    Ok, looks like I'll need a magnifying glass!