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    Aircon high pressure switch

    Definitely have seen low pressure switches with a valve in the fitting to facilitate the removal under pressure.
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    Bogballe parts

    First thing is to take a picture of the orientation of the discs for later reference, Then unscrew the agitator, one side is left hand thread and the other is right hand thread, then remove the disc, then remove all the 6mm bolts and pry apart the two housings you will then have the shaft...
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    Bogballe parts

    Welded these up often, no problems what so ever, just be careful of heat distortion and adjust as necessary..
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    Propane torch

    Keep a eye on the replacement dates on the flash back arrestor, Around 5 years as far as I remember..
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    Jcb tele handler worn out seat

    Thomas Scott Seating Last set of cushion and covers I got were around 90 quid, Genuine parts.
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    New holland T7. Pto stub.

    Have one of these collars on my TM 175. Was on there when I bought the tractor years ago, always wondered was it a new holland part. Would love another one as mine is starting to break up internally now.
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    Strange NH Starter Problem

    Had this exact same problem with a new holland combine, went through all sorts, ended up being the starter relay, so maybe try powering the starter solonoid direct to rule this out.
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    High band vhf antenna on tractor

    Is there a flashing beacon anywhere near the short bracket?
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    Row Crop Tyres

    Needing two second hand 380/90/50 row crop tyres to complete a set that I'm needing, 40% thread or more would match the fronts.
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    1/2 inch battery impact gun - snap on or milwaukee??

    I find these guys prices are hard to beat. Bought a fair few pieces from them now and never had any problems.
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    Which foot on brake auto car/truck?

    Most machinery operators should find themselves pretty ambidextrous when it comes to all this, left foot brake, right hand gear changes , left hand shuttle!! Pretty adaptable lot we are...
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    Which foot on brake auto car/truck?

    Two pedals, two feet!!
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    MF35 4 cylinder problems

    What shape is the injector nozzles in after punching through the copper washers? There pretty delicate to say the least..
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    Big straw walker combine

    Is this 50 acre per combine??
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    best way of finding/defining a crack in a steel hydraulic pipe

    Paint it.. U will see the crack in the paint then when it leaks.