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    Old Isuzu 2.8 injector pump problem

    I was lucky enough to buy an engine with all the bits. Decided to rebuild the engine, new piston rings, seals, plus injectors and a few tuning bits. Be about 200-220hp. Plenty for what I want. What have you managed to gather together or are you still searching. I need a hx35w at some point to...
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    Old Isuzu 2.8 injector pump problem

    This engine is spare if any one needs bit from it now. Removing it from the old defender to replace with a Cummins. The issue I had in the end wasn't the pump but the timing of the pump. I rotated it and she ran perfectly. Stated it yeasteday after 6 months or being parked in the barn and she...
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    Hydraulic reset is expensive option. Shear bolt would save a fair bit if they offer it. Wearing steel isn’t cheap, biggest cost is the frame. Heavy steel cost money. Especially in 2021.
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    Ford Ranger Question

    Goes to show, ford are always on the brink then come back, never hear of the likes of Hyundai or Kia struggling in the same way as ford or GM being bailed out by governments etc. Short sighted of ford on this!
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    You need to be getting some demo kit in there rob for product placement.
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    I believe this is beck and politzer installing these back then. Recall seeing this photo on their time line on Twitter some time ago.
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    Today NOT at work

    standrews for a couple of days. Lovely weather up here.
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    Fuel price tracker

    55p fuel oils kent earlier today for 500 or 1000.
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    Fuel card

    Local gas station is that price currently. Seems prices differ some what.
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    Anyone into Land Rovers

    They are heavy but from the ones I’ve been in that have been converted, they handle better. Put 90 rear springs on the front to handle the extra weight. They stay planted. One guy took his 90 6bt round nurberg. [emoji15]
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    Anyone into Land Rovers

    Best option, I have one going into mine. Will make it a proper weapon for towing. Change the lt230 ratio and it will drive nicely. Stick airbags on it and it’ll be almost a pleasure to drive.
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    Kubota lawnmowers

    The piece of rope? Had to pull the little JD triple as it had bellied out on a bunker bank and couldn’t get traction. 🤣
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    Kubota lawnmowers

    Managed to get round to take some images.
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    Kubota lawnmowers

    Hi, Yes it’s coming up for sale shortly. I’ll get an idea of price and some pictures if you would like.
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    Kubota lawnmowers

    Know where there is a zd 326s zero turn. Great machine. Cuts fast and mulches really well. Do kubota make a bad machine!