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    Lidl plasma cutter for £80

    The best thing would be to invest in a good torch when you’ve used all the consumables. I bought a stamos 50a a few years back, would cut 12mm ok. Spent £80 on a new better torch and now it cuts 12mm like a production cut instead of severance cut. Can’t beat Aldi or Lidl for their machinery...
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    Don’t rule out spearhead as they are all made by the same manufacturer essentially. Alamo own all 3 brands.
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    Tractor branded boilersuits.

    Get a Zetor one. Good old soviet clothing. Looks like a racing car driver suit. Warm and well made. Might have the wrong name for some. [emoji57]
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    Which front links?

    Opico offer front linkage and I know lynx also.
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    This Morning's Upgrade

    Biometrics and face recognition and or Thumb print for logging in. Who said farmers aren’t technical. [emoji38]
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    Greta Thunberg

    Katanga mine?
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    Greta Thunberg

    Silicone is the next stage in high output batteries, technology changing all the time. All these minerals have to be mined in some way or another, they certainly aren’t using battery power to mine it so it’s very extraction is creating huge amounts of co2. Still, the in-laws supply glencore with...
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    Extinction Rebellion and Farming

    Causing similar issues in Zimbabwe too. Lithium is the new oil exploration. Massive lobbying capability, taxable, hydrogen on the other hand isn’t drilled for or mined, not so easy to tax so income will deduce into government coffers if that tech is pushed as hard as EV.
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    What are the rules about coded welding?

    I made a specific size Beever trailer back in 2012 and was told by the nta it wouldn’t have to go for an sva. But that was changing. Any thing “home made” would have to go through an sva test to make sure it met requirements for safety. Look up the nta website.
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    Blasting media

    Chemical process changes it makeup. I’m sure it’s still dangerous if breathed in but what isn’t now days.
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    The machinery void

    Nothing is free on a new tractor. Warranty costs in the price of the tractor. 0% finance comes at a cost to the buyer. Not the dealer, manufacturer or finance house. The only people making money on tractor sales are the manufacturers.
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    Blasting media

    If you have a dedicated room that has a really good sealed floor then iron oxide. If it’s out side or some may get recovered then crushed glass. £150 per tonne. 2-3 times that for iron. Glass leaves a nice finish. Big blast boys not far from me use it on general blasting as it’s cost effective.
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    Blasting media

    Medium crushed glass for me. Cheapest option. Dusty bugger though. Would love to go iron oxide but cost is a lot more. Also depends what you’re blasting.
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    CAD drawings for buildings

    Sketch up. Very easy and free. I use I for profiles and making parts. I’m useless with it but get by just fine.
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    Cutting toughened glass

    You could take it and have the hole cut with a water jet. It shouldn’t break it. Worth a call to a water jet company close to you to see if they have done it and have knowledge if it’ll stay in one piece.

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