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    Which Web Presence Provider?

    Host all mine with 123-reg. never have any issues. They are hot in keeping spam down and the back end for adjusting settings etc are good.
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    Crude oil jumps 20%

    What’s red at currently? Kero at 45p with oil club. Unfortunately they don’t offer diesel.
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    Opico drier

    Don’t have a drier but know a bit about burners. if the burner has been used on mains gas you need to buy a lpg valve for it and fit that as the pressure is different.
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    What a waste

    Neighbour started doing it a couple years back with his old orchards and pear orchards. Has it pressed and bottled and sells it locally into farm shops. Does well from it.
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    What a waste

    Buy a press and start making your own apple juice. Sell it locally. One door closes, another opens. Always an opportunity where there doesn’t seem one. [emoji106]
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    Why not a 2m or 2.4m medium duty multi blade rotary head on 2 year growth, flail only needed really on heavier growth. Big rotary would be far quicker.
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    No till mole plough

    Sisis make a mole with a reared angled leg for putting drainage in amenity grassland with out heaving. Does a very good job. Add in an expanded on the bottom of yours and you’ll have a great machine to getting the water away with out needing huge HP.
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    Terex/ Matbro parts

    Complete redesign sounds like the plan. Did one on my deutz a couple of months ago. Cast piece broke. Cost less to make a pillar mount exhaust than it did to replace just the cast piece off the manifold. Silly really.
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    Terex/ Matbro parts

    Add in a flex pipe from where it needs movement to where it’s rigid. There are universal silencers available on eBay for not huge bucks.
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    Flail mower/topper recommendations

    Orsi are good. Cabe if you’re smashing scrub upto 4” no bother. Maschio are decent for general purpose. Don’t bother with bomford, McConnell or spearhead. Absolute pants. Vigolo from Italy are great. Use to be supplied by Vogel-Noot.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    Why do most threads on here turn into two people having a ding dong. Just agree to disagree and move on.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    Put your deposit down for the rivian pickup due in 2020.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    It’s the shear quantity of material they have to mine to get a small amount. Much more destructive than diamond, copper etc. Then there is the ponds where it has to sit and the water evaporate from it. Most of the places it is mined water is scares at the best of time. I make battery machinery...
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    Not a Chile. In Zimbabwe though. And they are small compared to oz and chile. Family supply mines with machinery so get to go to these places when over there.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    Mining lithium is one of the most polluting processes on the planet. Have you seen the mines in chile? And the lakes they have to allow it to all settle in. The scale is mind boggling.

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