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    Combinables Price Tracker

    I wonder how much these countries are paying for this wheat, must be a large discount with all the risk involved.
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    Anybody drive down the tramline with a car without you knowing?
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I think all nitram c.f. Allocated to supplier was sold on first day. You will properly have to wait till new terms are released.
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    Pool prices

    Makes you wonder who they sold it to. Themselves maybe.🙄
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    Meadow Brome

    The problem I have with it is it in the hedges and 2 m margins. From hedges and it blows back into the fields.
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    Meadow Brome

    Leave stubble untouched till spring. Spray off. Then till Spring crops for two years.
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    T1 winter wheat

    How much is Univoq a litre?
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Sold barley to a local Ruminant feed mill for £303 del
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    Help us develop a smart app to manage wheat pests

    What's the budget for this little project?
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Thought that you would not be keen to name names. Hope you get your money okay.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    can I ask which company is that?.pm me if you prefer
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    Fencing around a pub

    You need me to it
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    Fencing around a pub

    Try 4 strands of plain wire with an electric fencer to it😂
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    Vogel and noot plough

    Try Dunn's ploughs. Use to be main agents for them. Still stock a lot of parts I think. 01805804 593
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    Tractor test

    Automatic failure for not being taxed when I done mine, even if it is 0 rate.