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    New Holland 6 cylinder T6.160 vs T6.180

    Yes, agree they are noisy. Well used to them at this stage though as have had that gearbox through a few different series stating with an 8340 in the late 1990s. Range command is a step up to T7 size tractor, which is unnecessary for my work.
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    New Holland 6 cylinder T6.160 vs T6.180

    Hi Guys, A new Tier 5 New Holland T6.160 and T6.180. Are there any component or physical build differences between the two models. Both are 6 cyl with different hp ratings. Is that literally the only difference? Specifying both with a 50km Electroshift transmission, is the only difference the...
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    How to tell If a 3350 jd is 30k or 40k

    40K box the hi/lo splitter defaults to high when the tractor is turned off if I remember correctly.
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    Low houred late MF6290, or 6480 tier2 dynashift.

    The 6480s seem to be good value relative to the same vintage 20 series Deeres or TM New Hollands. Is there an underlying reason for this or just that the JD and NH are valued higher as they are more commonly available and known? Which from an economics perspective is counter intuitive with their...
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    Best way to offload a challenging bit of kit!?

    Why is the general consensus to sell things far away and let it be someone else's problem? I cannot understand why equipment with a fault cannot be advertised as such and let the next chap take his chance on it if he so wishes, knowing of the fault and if he feels the value is correct for it...
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    Zocon Grass Harrow vs Jarmet/Intertech for levelling poached ground

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of Zocon's chain harrows for levelling poached ground? They retail for approx 1,500 euro more than equivalent width Jarmet/Polish. Are they worth the extra money? What are peoples...
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    Mower conditioner

    Very simple solution to this that we have done on a few 1360/1365s over the years. Mount a plywood board in underneath the rear curtain. About 3ft deep I think, Can check tomorrow if you wish. This evens out the swath and leaves a lovely even swath for baling as the grass hits off this board...
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    Recommended Reading on Electronic and Hydraulic Systems for Tractor/Agricultural Applications

    Hi all, Just wondering what good textbooks, pdfs, online forums, websites etc that people would recommend for some further reading to improve my knowledge on electronic systems, sensors, actuators and hydraulic systems, primarily in relation to tractors and agricultural machinery but also in...
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    JD 1365 swivel gearbox

    I use a standard lithium EP-2 grease. The caps in my cross-pieces are very slightly loose but they have been like this for 7 or 8 years and has not caused an issue. Apparently it is common enough that they wear slightly and have the ability to rotate on the yoke housing. I give the cross piece a...
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    JD 1365 swivel gearbox

    What was the advantage of these swivel gearboxes over the linkage or drawbar set up on these mowers? I have a 1360 with on the 3 point linkage and when set up correctly I cant see what the gain in swivel gearbox is? My 1360 is 1997, original Waltersheild shaft still on it, never knocks or have...
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    sidewalls cracking on tractor tires

    I had the same issue with set of Continentals that came new on a New Holland TM120 here. Multiple leaks due to the sidewalls perishing internally after a few years on the rear tyres 520-70 R38. Very disappointed with them as the tractor never did heavy work and tyres had 70% or so thread left...
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    JCB parts price WTF

    Damaged the front housing of a transmission oil pressure sensor on the front on a JD Powerquad box last month through my own error in not being careful enough when doing another job in that general area. I gave the local JD dealer 120 pounds for said sensor in a JD box to get me going. Gave a...
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    Buyer beware

    This is the big fear I have with all modern machinery. No way of knowing what has been altered in the digital control and set up. Not to my knowledge anyway. Bar you test on a dynamometer as looking at a cloud of black smoke out the exhaust pipe is no longer possible on modern machines. Are the...
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    Buyer beware

    I am at a loss as to how it could have run well if the turbo was kaput initially? Assume the compressor turbine was seized on the bearing shells also due to the lack of oil? Surely the purchaser would have noticed something really off with the fact that he could not hear the turbo spooling up on...
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    Rust Removal

    @bigg6480 How do you find that Exaporust? I have only ever used white vinegar up to now on rusty tools. Slow process but works reasonably well.