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    Winter wheat yields

    @Brisel . Are you getting rain today? It looked like it on the forecast.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Sold two loads of old crop wheat for June at £166 ex today. Location location location. I was offered £157.50 for immediate uplift today. I said no.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I have bought nitram. For 20 odd tonnes it's not worth me getting vexed about.
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    JD 6105r

    Maybe you know more about it's history. But I think that was a pretty full price for it. I was only watching it out of curiosity.
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    JD 6105r

    I watched it along with a few other items today. I didn't think that it sold. The reserve was 30k!
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    Best advice you never paid for...

    "Sometimes I get this crazy dream that I just take off in my car. But you can travel on 10,000 miles, and still stay where you are." From the song W.O.L.D. by Harry Chapin. It always reminds me that there is no running away from problems. You are better to get on with working them out.
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    JD 6105r

    I'm watching it too! I am looking for a few more hp though.
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    Jeremy Clarkson, “No vegging out on break back mountain” article !!

    So Lisa, what attracted you to millionaire Jeremy Clarkson?
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    Rust Converter/killer

    I have just bought some on your recommendation. Seems to be good but difficult to find in farm sized quantities. Expensive too.
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    N advice for my wheat please

    I had 14mm in the rain gauge this morning.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    I was offered £161 for feed wheat uplift 1st week September for my 2019 crop.
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    USA and Canada running older kit

    Not much else to do over the cold winter? Overhauling a tractor in a nice warm workshop sounds like a good idea.
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    New Holland Combine - 24v start

    Interesting thread for me. I bought a 2005 NH combine at a farm sale in November. It has 2 12 volt in parallel. It suffers from battery drain. It also had FAME diesel in its tank which clogged it up completely. I'm £500 in the hole already from getting that cleaned out and new filters. I'm...
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    Winter wheat yields

    The market has come off it's peak. I still have some 2019 harvest to sell. Ideally, I'd like it out of the store but could keep it. At what point in the year do worldwide wheat yields become known rather than conjecture? UK harvest is obviously one of the later ones.
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    Looking for New Holland combine. I hope that the link works. It's for a TX66

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