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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    A quick look through TFF really confirms that there are a lot of bitter, small minded farmers around. Is it really such a bad thing if some people get on very well with 40ft headers? Pick the size that suits your farm and way of farming without worrying about what other people are doing for...
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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    Is it that stupid? I see plenty working in the Scottish Borders and they seem to work pretty well even on the undulating land here. Pretty sure that whatever size combine you have is clearly the best though
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    Won't be long now to the iresposible use of liquid sunshine .

    It's very easy. To imply that you can't harvest cereals in Scotland without roundup is ridiculous. For those who say "try growing OSR in this area without it..." then maybe it's a sign that that particular crop just isn't suited to that particular part of the world.
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    A Stupid Question What Do People Eat?

    Lots of tatties, minced beef, eggs, cheese, various fruit and veg, oats and some fish and chicken too
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    Case Combine 6088, 7.1m header

    Nothing. No longer growing our own cereals so it's surplus to requirements.
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    Case Combine 6088, 7.1m header

    Immaculate condition 2010 combine. Very low hours (650 total, 500 rotor). Full service every year. Always stored in vermin-proof shed. This combine has never been left out in the field to get wet. All round great condition and extremely tidy combine which is immediately ready to work. Brand new...
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    Ideas for better drill logistics?

    Surely changing your drill to one with a bigger hopper is the answer here.
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    Direct Drilling post glyphosate

    Can't speak for direct drilling, but conventional farming without roundup would cause absolutely no issues at all. It is relied on far too much just now.
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    Most reliable 120-150hp tractor?

    The most unreliable tractor that's ever been on this farm. Now sold for a Kubota. 2 gear box issues on an 800hr tractor that took 4 months and £8k to get sorted. Countless other constant problems in the 5 years it was here. I would advise anyone considering a zetor to completely abandon the idea.
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    Roundup Causes Cancer

    I firmly believe roundup should be banned pre-harvest. I think it would be a great shame to see it banned altogether though. Is one pass of round up pre-sowing not better than endless selective-herbicides sprayed on the growing crop? Pre-harvest is simply bad practise in my opinion. Even in...
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    What hours do you expect someone to work?

    As a farmer with stock I really have never seen the need to work like you are suggesting is necessary.
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    What hours do you expect someone to work?

    If it's 40 efficient hours then that's a serious amount of work completed in that time. Can't see why any more than that is needed for an average farm at an average time of year.
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    Spreading FYM on growing crops

    The worms burrow up to the surface and pull it down, doing all kinds of good in the process. See it most evidently on an over wintered stubble with chopped straw. The muck also rots best at ground level, in the same way wooden fence posts do!
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    Spreading FYM on growing crops

    Will look at trying one of those next year. I think it's a logical step forward. Seems pointless to handle the muck twice per year when only once is a viable option. This way till save 2 days work per year. Doesn't sound like much but when you can only be on farm for around 8-10 days per month...

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