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    Teagle 510 gearbox oil

    Thanks gents much appreciated.
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    Teagle 510 gearbox oil

    Hopefully a nice easy one. I'd like to change the oil in my teagle 510 topper but can't seem to find out what type of oil the gearbox needs. Does anybody know? Thanks
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    Radial Tyres or Cross Ply for MF390T

    I need to fit some new tyres onto my MF390T. Been given the options of the BKT in either Radial or Cross Ply. The radial option is quite a bit more and I'm just wondering what the benefits of a radial over cross Ply tyre would be. The tractor does very little work each year ( around 80 hours)...
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    Massey Ferguson 390T tyres.

    Evening all, My 390T 4x4 is in need of some new boots. Now it does very little work and is more of a toy to be honest. Any recommendations on replacement tyres and possibly slightly bigger than original perhaps?
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    MF 399T steering goes heavy.

    OK so today I've noticed that after an hour or so the steering on my 399T becomes very heavy to turn when the engine is on tick over or not under load. A slight increase in revs and it goes light again. I'm assuming it's an oil supply issue and wondered if maybe the pump may need an over...
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    Ransomes Ts54a plough weight.

    Once again I'm hoping that somebody can help me with a daft question. So I've got myself a Ransomes Ts54a plough and fancy having a go at ploughing. Does anybody know what it might weigh as I'm trying to see if my truck can tow my trailer ifor williams lm166, MF135 and the plough. As...
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    Tractor driving experience as gifts

    My partner bought me a tractor driving experience for my birthday. It was at Farm Adventure, was a great day did some ploughing, hooked up trailers and moved bales etc. It was up north somewhere. There's also digger land and they do driving experiences too.
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    Massey Ferguson 390T air con

    It's factory fitted. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.
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    Massey Ferguson 390T air con

    Good morning all, So I need to see about getting the air con on my 390T re gassed. The garage have asked how much gas the system will need as they usually do cars etc. Has anybody had this done and know how much gas it may need. Thanks again all for the help.
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    Massey Ferguson 390T trailer brakes.

    Evening all, once again I ask for the collective knowledge of the forum members. 😬 So I've got a Massey Ferguson 390T and have been asked to move some muck in trailers. Only thing is my 390T doesn't have a trailer brake outlet on the rear. So 2 questions, 1, is there any other way to...
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    Replacement Tractor Radio with Bluetooth Hands Free?

    I fitted this into my 390T, I bought it off amazon and it does everything I need. Has Bluetooth for the phone and dab too.
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    John Deere 4300 Compact Tractor Steering hoses.

    I hope somebody can help. We have a small John Deere 4300 Compact Tractor on the yard and it's split one of the flexible hoses to the steering ram. Ive searched but can't seem to find the hose in question or a part number. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Many Thanks
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    MF 390 wing mirrors.

    Ok having looked at the wing mirrors fitted to the 390 they are the same size as a pandas ears. Has anybody fitted a larger mirror on the existing arm brackets? If so what is recommended? Thanks
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    New Bike recommendations

    The picture is very deceptive. Hope your enjoying the new bike though. Whyte are a great company to deal with should you have any problems ( trust me I know 🤣)
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    New Bike recommendations

    Is that a Whyte 29er mate? I can't see any decals on the frame.