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    When would you expect to pay for a new piece of machinery?

    Yes you are correct .Hughes who owned red rock went bust and then started up newrock
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    Easiest hooking on or off front and rear mowers?

    First class (pun) at following the ground front is like back float’s on hydraulic suspension with brilliant movement in all undulating ground Have used krone and Kuhn in the past with satisfaction but much prefer the class for cutting and following ground and seems easier driven also have...
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    Easiest hooking on or off front and rear mowers?

    Have a 2022 class rear and front mower and find no problem.back mower let pressure of lifting ram by a rope mechanism and lower on to one leg . Front mower is no problem either ,no stand needed just lock the ram with lever( front mower is a mover)
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    Which of the two front mower

    On a Nh 210 drives at her leisure ,have a valve on assister ram on right hand side which I shut when height is determined this help’s prevent twisting on linkage as ram is locked and also prevents oil flowing to other ram exacerbating the problem and causing more twisting Force . May not have...
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    Which of the two front mower

    Same here this season have a class move on front and class on back previously krone (done v well) but class much better following ground v impressed with them and possibly easier driven
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    To condition or not?

    not ted faster as it’s harder to move non conditioned grass either with Tedder or pickup local contractors loath it for raking
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    I'm looking for a new tractor

    It might shorten it even more
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    Don’t know about the diving but probably wouldn’t have been driving 😜
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    Would be considerably more if it was green
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    NH t7

    Not necessarily as depth off plough has to be set and the degree of sensitivity on draughty as well,I’m sure there’s others on here who can add further advice
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    NH t7

    Yes they flicker in response to the changing ground conditions either raising or lowering the arms
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    Fendt vs. Deere

    718 Fendt wouldn’t have a look in on comparison to the 230 on PTO work 😂
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    Any spare diesel

    153.9 for white at Sainsburys in Sprucefield (between Lisburn and Royal Hillsboro) 13 pence dearer 4mile down the carriage way in Dromore
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    Diesel washer fuel usage?

    I have a yanmar probably about 6 years it is 10 hp (me thinks) but is running at 2500 -3000 psi at a lower volume have found it faultless.Bought it from Kew dealer in loughbrickland but is sold by several dealers in NI and is also assembled in NI by a main distributor so was matter off best deal...
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    Dribble bars. Is 7.5 wide enough?

    Don’t know how long they will last but certainly keeping them (I’m told) from sunlight when not in use is a big help as I’ve light is harmful