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    Sunflower ? the ideal UK cover crop ?

    I want to precise that I have started with cover crops in my fields in the summer 2011, so I haven't got a good experience of them. In my fields, I use a mix of hairy wetch and sillage sorghum. It seems to be well adapted to my conditions and produce an interesting volume, even in dry...
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    DD OSR + Atlantis

    I have "tested" it twice, a few years ago. The two times where after ploughing. The first year, no problem, 4.3 T/ha. But the second year, only 2.9 T/ha. It was very difficult for me to explain the bad result of the second year, so I have decided to see with a specialist from CETIOM (French...
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    Nuffield no-till/dd

    You have tested your presentation last week with us, it will be very interesting to compare your way to produce and the English way. Good luck, VTP ;)
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    Dry Fert placement for the spring

    I have an article from "Perspectives Agricoles". They explain the risk to use urea close to the seed. I'm sorry because it's in French...
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    hi i m vsj

    Be carefull vsj, I am here also! :lol:
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    An other French Farmer

    Hello, I'm DP32, farmer in South West of France (but my first neighbors are coming from England :) ) I use a Strip-Cat since last year. I produce wheat, sunflower, rape seed, corn, peas... without irrigation. I have started to use cover crop since 2011, with sorghum, legumes (vesces in French)...
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    Sunflower ? the ideal UK cover crop ?

    I'm farmer in South West of France, and I produce Sunflower in my fields. There is a problem with sunflower as cover crop, it's the sclerotinia (I don't know if it's the same word in English). So, you have to use it carefully before beans, rapeseed or other sensitives crops. That's why I don't...