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    Valtra v John Deere

    Oh bugger oh bugger oh bugger What have I done? I bought a Direct for loader work! The gearbox is going to break???? Do you know that in the entire year that I spent looking for a second hand N series direct, I never saw not a single one advertised that had gearbox trouble? Never even heard...
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    Valtra v John Deere

    Valtra has 2 gearboxes, the direct "Vario" hydrostatic, and the "conventional" 4 range 5 powershift. This is in the active, and versu. Most if not all active/versu will also have a creeper box which will be slow enough for feeding silage. Active has manual spool levers, and versu has electric...
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    Valtra v John Deere

    Lifting the top 2 layers on their cans you only need to stick the bottom tines in 6 inches or so, the top grab holds the 4 together. It's easier with the new grab (X FORM GS76) because the top opens over vertical back towards to tractor. Previous (smaller GL66) grab to get the bottom tines in...
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    Valtra v John Deere

    But definitely not a valtra with a John Deere loader 🤮 🤣🤣🤣
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    Valtra v John Deere

    Aye, but CNH brakes really are crap I mean, single discs in this day and age? 🤔 🤣🤣🤣
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    Valtra v John Deere

    I like my grab too 😜 It's a 7'6" wide X form GS76 forklift grab with 1100mm tines. No bother to the Q5M loader 💪(though lifting 2.5 tonnes is best done with a wee bit of weight on the back) After 8 pages, it's definitely a lot cheaper spending someone else's money 👍 🤣
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    Valtra v John Deere

    Crikey at first I thought that your silage bales must be very small to be able to lift 4 at a time..... I can only do that with straw 🤔🤣 The new quicke loaders crowd is pretty much the same as MX, and better dump unless I'm mistaken. They're both in a different league compared to Deere...
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    Loading a bale trailer

    Without damaging the bales, or damaging the tractor and trailer? I'd say all three would suffer with a bit of unintentional "modification" yes
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    Valtra v John Deere

    @Northeastfarmer what spec of N series have they quoted? Active, versu, or direct? Active is 5 powershift and manual spools, versu adds electric spools, and direct is the bells and whistles "Vario" gearbox. Go for the direct, please! You will not regret it. It drives just like the forklift on...
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    Best feeding/bedding machine to hold 3 tonne of clamped silage?

    How well does it actually mix? Tried mixing stuff in a straw blower/feeder in the past. It never ended well 🤣
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    Valtra v John Deere

    @Northeastfarmer short answer is, no, you shouldn't be nervous of swapping! Mechanically they're every bit as reliable as Deere (though that might not be the best benchmark😳😆). Valtra has been better designed for loader work with far superior visibility, tighter turning and near ideal weight...
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    Valtra v John Deere

    I rather like my wee N134D....
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    2004 tractor prices

    In addition to the vast increase in machinery costs despite our produce still being worth feck all...... ..... The days have definitely got shorter 🤬 Why else do we need a tractor with 150hp and the LED equivalent of WW2 bomber search lights to do the work that a wee 100hp finished in daylight...
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    Halogen H3 Led replacement

    Phillips ultinon bulbs in the outer pods of the standard fit valtra roof reflector dip and main beam lamps. There's also Phillips ultinon bulbs in the projector lamps in the bonnet (they're always obscured when the loader grab or bucket is on, hence valtra fit roof main light pods). They don't...
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    Teagle 8080

    Aye, sounds about right tension for every brand but the McHale, it likes it better with about 25mm. How far out are the adjusters? If the chains are stretched, the tensioner bolts will be near fully wound. The rollers that the chains run will then be right to the back of the machine. If...

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