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    Short disc for reseeding old leys

    Those heavy discs are making a lovely job compared to the utter mess I made last year! He's on about fuel use being high at 20l/h = 5.6l/hectare, and even though the Kubota is a very heavy drinker compared to most others, that's still significantly less than I was burning. So, does soil type...
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    Short disc for reseeding old leys

    For forage rape ground, I tried discing a burnt of ley last year. Ground was bone dry, but good rain was forecast and did come after seeding ..... This year back to ploughing 4 to 5 inches and totally inverting the sod, followed by power harrow. Not much difference time wise, but using 5l/acre...
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    2015 Claas Arion

    Look out for somebody buying it before you've made an offer
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    Waterproof winter jacket recommendations

    Aye you've mentioned your incorrect opinion a couple of times now 👍 Hope your jacket lasts longer than mine did, and when the time comes to replace it, that you'll be able to afford the far better, more comfortable one from kaiwaka
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    Round baling silage cost

    Were they using 30 year old equipment and making 14 bales to the acre? Because if they were using two new tractors, and a modern baler and wrapper, at those prices they're desperate for work to pay for the quarter of a million plus pounds worth of tackle they've out on finance!!!!!
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    Round baling silage cost

    Is the contractor supplying diesel at that price? Chopped bales £3.50 and applying 6 layers of supplied wrap £1.80 is near enough the same if the contractor is supplied with diesel
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    Waterproof winter jacket recommendations

    Betacraft definitely, unequivocally nothing like the quality of kaiwaka Like you, I bought one because it was cheaper. It didn't last the winter! Lining frayed where it rubbed when closed, hood pull cord wore through making it useless in the wind, studs pulled out, even the apparently good...
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    Foot & Mouth

    Just finished for the day and having a dram before tea Wife announces there's suspected foot and mouth I've no enough whisky in the house if it's true, says I Found this thread Thank F*CK Getting too old to suffer the maudlin hangovers
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    John Deere 545 round baler

    They've outlawed torture, so why are these balers still permitted? Can you imagine the cruelty of pulling one with a Davy Broon?????? 😱 Well done @Db1490, for now if anyone, anywhere, ever complains of the machinery they've been asked to operate, they can be told it could be far far worse 😂...
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    baler driver

    Sounds like the lad is bored to tears shifting shyte despite the stupid rate of hourly beer tokens Far more satisfying driving a nice complicated bit of agri kit and having to occasionally think (despite earning less then two pints and a bag of crisps per day)
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    Krone Tedder Maintenance

    Tines bent together suggest that it's not been set properly and instead of tedding, it's been power harrowing. That's the first thing that's needing fixed!
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Illegal genetic experiment combines horse cross donkey with sheep offspring The new animal, described as a "sheep ass", is believed to be a perfect politician
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    Bale trailer question....weight related

    That's not a proper "rural" load 👎 You've put straps on it 🤣
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    Bale trailer question....weight related

    Know that the 28 foot that I have is rated for 14 tonne which I think takes you to the legal limit Couldn't tell you the rating of the neighbours 26 foot. It's on super singles, but only 8 stud axles with piddling wee brake drums. Wouldn't like to think how many thousand tonnes of silage and...
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    Bale trailer question....weight related

    Neighbour has an old 26 foot Marshall trailer 17 at a time on their can for a good 3 mile trip between fields and farm (it's very "rural" up here in the hills), average bale weight yesterday was 900 kg They might not look Clyde built like a broughan, but those Marshalls are robust!