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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Never buy a Swedish sex doll when you're drunk
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    Amazone ZA-M hydro Spreading nitram 30m

    How dimpled are the spreading vanes? Doesn't take much wear on them to throw wrong covering 30m
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    New JD 6M

    Aye More evidence that I could never be a dairy farmer..... I don't even understand the pricing system 😳😆 2010 was quoted £44.5k for a new Deere 6330 premium with a decent air seat and front suspension, manual spools, skinny tyres. I bought a higher spec and power Deutz k430 profiline...
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    New JD 6M

    How much were you getting per litre in 2009, compared to today?
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    Ewe in a car

    Police got a tip off that there was a mule in the car They thought it was a drugs bust 🙄😆
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    valtra t174 versu gearbox problems

    How many were recalled isn't something a manufacturer would likely want to be widely known What's they do want to be known is they've recalled every one that has the problem The dealer will have access to the database with affected Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). Give them a chance to...
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    Yamaha grizzly dash not working

    Aye, moisture in the circuit board New dash module was required. I've no recollection of the price, it was traded in soon after for something that wasn't Japanese
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    Clipex Fencing

    Obvious after you've said it 🤣 Are the clipex strainers the way to go? I'm using the stakes (even the odd beefy in soft ground! 😂), but setting creosote strainers and brace. Think they look far "nicer" than metal ends, but with the price difference getting less, will the creosote last for 4...
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    New JD 6M

    Aye the hydrostat will lose some power and be slower hauling bales on the hills..... However if you're already thinking along the lines of a "gearless" loader tractor, then most definitely go for it I've this wee hydrostatic gearbox loader tractor, because I can.... Once you've driven a...
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    New JD 6M

    Had a quick drive of the T5 with the new 8 speed dual cultch gearbox Must say the gearbox makes it a bloody nice tractor to drive Not sure it's balanced or heavy enough for the size of front loader it can be fitted with, and the cramped cab and near vertical steps make it uninviting to enter...
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    High horse power four cylinders can’t sustainably do the same job as a larger six pot of similar HP. Tell me I’m wrong

    It'll cost you a time machine to get a new 415 Stopped making them years ago
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    You're showing your age 🤣 But then, aren't we all, if we know that film? 😱 😆
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    It's a tough life making a living crop dusting in the cities
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    Mass Trespass?

    Slurry won't put off the buggers 🤬 Hen shyte ought to do the trick 👍 The footwear that permanently stinks afterwards will certainly stop any re-offence 🤣
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    Is there such thing as an air spanner?

    Chain driven offset extension drive with a cut down socket? Most common brand name is "tite reach". Cap head bolts seem the other most sensible suggestion 👍