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    Beet yields 2020

    The cleaner loader has to sit in the shed doorway due to small yard. The lorry arrives at random really. So setting it up and taking it down again is a pallaver. We really need another door in the shed to leave it permanently set up. But it all costs ££££. So dunno. Carry on on a shoe string...
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    Your current weather.

    Sand storm round the beet harvester today. Not often that happens.
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    Beet yields 2020

    The cleaner has quite a coarse chain under the hopper and always seems to break a lot of root tips off. It really needs the closer spaced chain in there at £££. I really hate cleaning up the heap of waste which seems to be more broken root than soil, plus there is the hassle of setting it up so...
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    Trying to work out fair figures

    I’d look in the John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook. Usually gives ballpark figures for most agricultural enterprises.
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    The countryside

    On a more positive note I was very happy to see this morning the inhabitants of the houses built on our plots erecting a pen for some ducks. All three of the houses were built by younger locals who work in forestry. Right result in my view. Didn’t suit the blue rinse brigade on the Parish...
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    The countryside

    We have kept our area reasonably pleasant. It’s scenic and attractive through careful sympathetic management. But now there is a trend for “entrepreneurs” to buy up anything that comes on the market, stick a hot tub in the back garden and push it for all it’s worth as a holiday let. I’m...
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    The countryside

    Ramblers are fairly rare now. I don’t think your average citizen now has the stamina for a day out on a longer walk. I don’t actually mind ramblers. They don’t do the same damage as the dog walkers who walk just far enough for Fido to do his daily dump. There are the holiday let visitors as...
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    The countryside

    Most people who now use the paths here are dog walkers : the type that retire to the area on a public sector pension, buy three large dogs and spend the next twenty inflicting them on the locality. Natural areas would be far better off without them or any other intrusion from the public but...
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    The countryside

    It was originally Sandy heathland. It wasn’t flooded since it was drained 300 years ago. Before that it would probably have laid wet in winter but it’s unlikely the water would have got to any depth. The forestry commission bought it in the 1950’s and between tree roots and lack of maintenance...
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    BBC at it again re meat and climate

    WTF. Fertilser plants closing because of gas price. There has never been a time in history when we have been so in need of livestock manures.
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    As my old drawing office manager used to say “Life’s a sh!t” and “ it’s always darkest before dawn.” So maybe just maybe hang in there and tough it out.
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    At last some good news

    We use to fatten a hut of turkeys for the Christmas trade. By the time Christmas arrived we were so sick of Turkey plucking and drawing we would have a couple of geese from a neighbour with all that lovely crispy skin.
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    The countryside

    Several routes here have been closed because of bank and bridge collapse. The council can’t afford to replace the foot bridges as it costs eleventy billion pounds with all the elf n safety. One or two seem have slipped into the watercourse with a bit more help than Mother Nature, AKA a JCB 13...
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    Blenky resigns?

    I use an independent insurance broker who shops around for the best deal each year. Best way IMO. He’s never used NFU Mutual.
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    The countryside

    Was just thinking the same today regarding flooding of nearby forestry plantation to create a wetland / slow the flow zone. What happens to the public footpath that runs though it when it’s under 2 foot or more of water?