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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Be it black or white.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Corn buyers know where corn sellers live.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Too early bright! (Meaning rain will come later in the day)
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    If you are not sure whether you need it, you don’t.
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    ELM Scheme

    ELMS is just a different crop where the output isn’t measured by heaving trailer loads of lovely golden grain or white beet but by how many boxes you tick on some nerds clipboard. I haven’t found an option in mid tier that pays as well or can be delivered as easily as spring barley so I’m out...
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    Today at work

    Stubble cultivating wheat stubbles in readiness for beet drilling on some light blowy land. Renault temperature stable at last despite travelling at over 10k. A few funny noises from gearbox though when you hit a hard bit.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    The old dog for the hard road.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    For wheat - sow in a flood, reap a wood. For barley - sow in dust, harvest you must. I have never found much truth in either.
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    Firearms Licensing

    My GP practice filled in the form but forgot to send it in to the police as required via their internal secure system. They just sent me a paper copy. My application was rejected as a result, until I took it up with the commissioner asking why my application should be rejected when it wasn't...
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    Surely any site owner should be able to turn away anybody they want to turn away. They own the site. They can do what they like with it surely? This country is turning into a total crock of.
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    red tractor portal

    I almost wouldn’t mind if all our records were in standard format on a cloud based system paid for by our RT subs. I’d feel like I was getting something for the money. But fact is these docs we upload are not live. They are out of date and unmaintaned from the moment they are uploaded. It’s a...
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    ELM Scheme

    I’m sure they’ll manage without my custom.
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    what grinds your gears

    Bank help lines. Been sat here for 3/4 of hour now mostly on hold because clearly they have no idea how to solve the problem. All i'll say is if your bank resorts to using the Post Office to deposit cheques then find another bank that doesn't rely on the Post Office. Its not a secure or...
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    ELM Scheme

    I was ploughing yesterday morning. Ploughing out “game strips”. It looked really tidy when I’d finished. A pleasant satisfying easy job. No forms, no workshops, no paperwork and it will be joined back to the bulk of the field and sown with barley this year. No rip off seed mix at £100 per acre...
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    Your current weather.

    Overcast, cold, not very special.