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    Ransomes Nordsten air-o-matic

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    Ransomes Nordsten air-o-matic

    Does anyone know where (if) parts are available for these old boom fert spreaders? Metering wheels mainly. Thinking about using our old one for broadcasting cover crops after the combine.
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    Is it legal for a neighbour to kill my guineafowl flow if they go on to their land?

    Killing any animal with a bow or crossbow is illegal in the UK. Pest species or not.
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    12 month Driving Ban

    He’s a clown. Still driving about on the roads in his Land Rover and trying to keep it hush.
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    Your current weather.

    Drier than a west African witch doctors chamois leather juju bag ☹️
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    Are Tilly pass on the right planet?

    Lines on straps have nothing to do with the strength of a strap. They are purely for decoration, all the information is on the strap label and the cert that accompanies them when new.
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    Bit off track but how much effect would the Russians turning off GLONASS have on agriculture around the world? Guessing there's more than enough other options
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    Critical Mass

    I sometimes think I've not a clue how to do things compared to the old fellas or yesteryear but then I realise that the skill sets that they had and the ones I have are chalk and cheese. I've not a clue how to plough with a horse, work a binder, or build a stook but I can use a 5 furrow...
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    Alternator Welder

    That's a steal for a PTO Genny! We were off today for about 5 hours, just got the Genny ready to plug in and the power came back on as I was about to switch over :facepalm:
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    No, got 16" feathers on the plough. Clay normally turns over ok if you get it at the right moisture. Only ploughing it this year because of the mess last year's rain made the night it was sowed
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    This'll be fun in the clay below the road then :facepalm:
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    For wearing life?
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    @Farmerdunk Spaldings this time. First time we've not used KV metal so we'll see how it goes
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    Oh I doubt that very much. Poke them hard enough and your finger would go through them. The tails were welded up once already and now the patch has gone too. Looking at the pictures they actually look quite good though :oops: Although the rear board in the picture is actually a new one already...
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    Kverneland /Spalding mouldboard knife

    Yeah full set of boards and shins, new skimmer points and set of knock on points. Landsides getting turned too. A lot of metal for only 120 acres of ploughing this year but it'll last a long time 😉