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    Hereford bull wanted

    Just to update thanks for all the replies there’s plenty good Hereford bulls about! I brought this lad home today really pleased with him fingers crossed he goes on well
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    How did it wipe you out out of interest? Fortunately always tested clear and vaccinated for it also here
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    Dirty Water in an NVZ .. How do you cope?

    Out of interest purely for yard run off etc has anyone got or had experience of a Reed bed? Used for filtration?
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    British friesian bulls

    How does everyone find their friesians in the parlour? I’m finding more and more they are not very well behaved this is across a few different bulls too, Kirkby premier, chad and more
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    Calving shed

    Looking at jourdain/Ritchie/iae calving gate any thoughts on best one?
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    Electricity prices

    Has anyone had a recent quote on electricity, current deal expires in may I know prices were trending high late last year but not had recent quotes, any info appreciated thanks
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    All things Dairy

    When was this drilled @Bald Rick ? Looks well
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    Hereford bull wanted

    Any working age Hereford bulls for sale? Thanks
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    What to feed 3 month old plus dairy-bred beef calves?

    What price is you’re 16% when you say expensive? Pm if you like the simplicity of it is worth something!
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    Rape seed meal

    Full artic load of rapeseed meal delivered to De6 Ashbourne, thanks
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    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    nice jersey heifer purchased from @Jamer doing 30l @ 5.7 fat. Served to sexed Viking red ps all the group doing well and passed tracer test
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    Bull calves

    Look well! Are they left entire? What’s thoughts on growth rates as bulls/bullocks
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    Silage 2020

    What’s in that mix?
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    Mattresses and cubicles

    Went deep sand no regrets would recommend if you can do it