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    UK Dairy Day

    Hangers-on is the term I think you’re looking for
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    Budget lighting

    Helluva scraper tractor btw…… (y)
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    What do you do when you're absolutely exhausted?

    There is a huge difference between being tired and being completely burnt out with the latter you can’t see the wood for the trees and make poor management decisions which only serve to make the rut even deeper.
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    All things Dairy

    sort all the short ones to a side separately and lay last, it will drive you crazy looking at a wonky edged track for the next 20yrs
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    All things Dairy

    Without wishing to be overly alarmist, might be worth getting a local professional in to do a digital ‘sweep’ round the place to make sure there are no hidden recording devices left behind. Not that you have anything to hide, but footage can be easily doctored to suit an agenda Sad state of...
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    Are railway sleepers still a thing ?

    classed as plant and machinery too so allowable against tax as well 👍
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    Are railway sleepers still a thing ?

    The tenant dairy farmer’s pension pot :)
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    Filling fertiliser spreader with one tractor.

    as seen on FB.
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    All things Dairy

    i get your point but I can assure you that 1 man milking 100 cows is a completely different scenario to two men milking 200 cows, 3 men milking 300 cows etc Sounds easy on paper but not so much in reality when one person has to keep an eye on everything
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    Worst holstein bulls that I,ve used

    never used Sid directly, but my father back in the day bought a stock bull that was by Sid. Far too long in the leg, every single one did the splits at least once in their lifetime. Shame as they were tremendous milkers with cracking udders, just unable to move around on concrete without...
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    Mccormick or landini?

    Agars will look after any brand of tractor within reason as long as they can get the parts easily enough and it doesn’t require a laptop to fix. Why don’t you ask them what used tractor in that price bracket they would recommend/be happy looking after? Failing that there is plenty of self...
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    Worst holstein bulls that I,ve used

    Mr Frosty………
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    Strategies for controlling docks.

    Main reason for increase in docks in recent years is that everyone seems to have dug massive earth bank lagoons…………. the sides of which are growing nothing but docks :rolleyes::X3: one of the main reasons I opted for a concrete store. Cleanliness of contractor machines is another area to look...
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    Milk Price Tracker

    and move to who?????? no ones recruiting so they know they can get away with behaving in the manner they do
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    All things Dairy

    Bess Jowsey at LIC