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    C&F gone

    We fit the IMI at the same time we come to do first service or repair so there is no additional charge The unit is £500+Vat per annum and there are no additional charges if it becomes faulty, we simply replace it
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    Wind Turbine Servicing

    Ecocel have been servicing most wind turbines up to 500kWs for nearly 7 years We hold parts for the following turbines Proven C&F Lely Aircon RRB Energy Vestas Endurance Westwind We are also going to be supporting larger turbines and we will update you soon Just us a call 01698 281546
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    C&F gone

    Yes we access to blades and have carried out several generator repairs with one coming in next week Anyone is welcome to visit our facility and see what we do
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    C&F gone

    We actually install a new IMI/controller with independent monitoring
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    C&F gone

    Ecocel have been supporting C&F clients for over 2 years throughout Scotland and as far south as Bedford We hold stock of all necessary parts for servicing and common repairs and have a large workshop to carry out larger repairs If you wish to know more please call 01698 281546
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    Endurance wind power declare bankruptcy

    Ecocel Renewables are now focused on servicing wind turbines after spending the first four years putting up RRB 225kW and 500kWs We have engineers who are Endurance trained and we have access to spares We can offer O&M, servicing and repairs for most turbines 5kW - 500kW We are now based in our...